This character is so much fun to play! I must assume that the creator of this character, Fourthrhyme, had been fueled by copious amounts of Team Fortress 2, Gravity Falls, Vinesauce, Game Grumps, Phineas and Ferb, and general meme culture, including, of course, Undertale, where the character is originally from. You can see the character in action below:


Papyrus is a three button character whose gameplay is mainly about getting hyper meter, as almost all of his special moves require a bit of meter. The main special moves all involve summoning another Undertale character. The available summons are Sans, who uses a Gaster Blaster; Undyne, who uses a row of spears; Flowey, who punches using a fist straight from you nightmares; Mettaton EX, who fights using the power of... DANCE; and, of course... THE KITCHEN SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which can be pushed using down and heavy attack)

Papyrus, of course, has plenty of other moves. Namely, he has a second set of specials, of which do not take any hyper meter and all involve holding down and an attack. He can send a small bone out, spin like a certain Australian mammal (or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasmanian_Devil_(Looney_Tunes) of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crash_Bandicoot), or kick repeatedly in a way where only the first kick deals damage, though the following kicks still are useful for keeping the opponent in a loop.

Papyrus also has three proper hyper combos. By pressing down thrice with light and medium, you get THE FABLED BLUE ATTACK!!! A bunch of bones come from Papyrus's side of the battlefield, which, as anyone familiar with Undertale would expect, only deals damage to a moving opponent, ending by turning the opponent blue for a second, which grounds the opponent. Next, there is a really unique hyper in which, by pressing down thrice with light and heavy, you get to buy from either "Da Tem Shop" or Muffet's Spider Bake Sale. By choosing Tem, you get Temmie armor, which gives super armor. By choosing Muffet, the opponent is chased by Muffet's killer Cupcake (accidental alliteration, YAAAAAY!) who deals gradual damage. Finally, by pressing down thrice with medium and heavy, you get... (ahem) Gaster corrupting the world, causing a hole lot of Gaster Blasters to shoot your opponents, followed by a portal ripping open, in which not only do your normal assists appear, but a whole lot of other characters, ranging from zombie chickens to Bubsy to breasted aligators to other Undertale characters to Bill Cypher to ETC ETC ETC! It is basically how to win with papyrus.

All of this is filled to the brim with references. For example, one of the match beginning animations involve Specter Knight from Shovel Knight beckoning Papyrus to "Wise fwom your gwave!" like in the Genesis version of Altered Beast. Almost every move has some kind of backstory to it, weather it be from Undertale itself to another source. These are done in such a way as to not be too intrusive.

I highly recommend you check out Papyrus. He is so much fun to play with, though he is definitely not very competitive. He can be found at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwPAiCpAeMkCX3NNVGlXWG9iN2s along with Fourthrhyme's other works.