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    Smile AI Patch for My Char

    Hello to Mugen Archive community,

    I'm hereby to ask for a request regarding to my latest released character Natural Miku.

    Currently there is no AI for this char, hence i'm hoping someone who can help me to update the AI Patch for her.

    I hope you can send to me your AI patch privately once you finished via email: nibanibaninibaoutlook.com , so that I can credit your name and your AI Patch link under my character's ReadMe document.

    I very thank you for your kind assistance. I appreciate it.

    If you haven't know who is my latest character, always free to watch this video.
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    Default Re: AI Patch for My Char

    I sent you a patch. Check duh e-mail yag.

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    Default Re: AI Patch for My Char

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde233 View Post
    I sent you a patch. Check duh e-mail yag.
    I have updated ,Thank you giving AI

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