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    Default underpants sans by sanspool the skeleton

    alright. so lets begin with the basics. underpants sans is a three button character with a rather simplistic moveset. which in this case is ok. it's 100% faithful to its source material, however. there are some things that seriously bother me, the typical attacks, with no inputs work fine, the special attacks, again, work fine, however. the hypers... good lord. i had to do a lot of research to even figure them out since there is no move list included. and even then there is a major problem, the one hyper i could find. likes to work whenever it feels like working. the input is simple. down down mp+hp. the execution of said hyper, known as the sans dance, is... lackluster at best. on a controller of any sort, it almost never works. and on the keyboard it only works half the time. i have no idea why this is. i don't mean to bash, but this should be simple if you managed to program the rest of the input related moves without a failure. this is one of my few problems with this character, now. the stigma that all undertale characters are bad is not something i like to believe, but this one needs some more polish. the moves could have a few more frames to look like the fluent animations of the source material. some extra options for intros or easter eggs might be nice. but not necessarily needed. and the remaining hyper. needs to be fixed. its input is down down lp+mp, but, controller or keyboard. the hyper never works. and it's a problem for a character with an awesome idea behind it. all in all. if the hypers were fixed. the animations made a little more solid. and just a tad more variety considering the source material. this would be an amazing character. but as it currently stands i would have to say. 6/10.
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    Default Re: underpants sans by sanspool the skeleton

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