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    Default EVE hi res screenpack

    does anyone know how to get the hi res EVE pack to work??

    I dl it and I used it on a fresh mugen pack, however, it just looks like the regular EVE pack. then i tried installing EVE (the regular version), which worked, then i replaced it with the hi res or HD EVE pack and my mugen stopped working... x_x
    (i would be more descriptive but i am a pretty tired)
    xD help?? plzzzz?? xD

    *opps i posted this in the wrong section sry sry sry*
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    Default Re: EVE hi res screenpack

    This is not a hi-resolution screenpack, but a HD (high definition) screenpack. There is a difference. We are locking this thread as it is a duplicate, the answer is on the other thread.

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