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    Default Want to get rid of the AI palettes on 280gou's Goku for some more weeb action

    For the record, everything's up to date, Mugen is at 1.1, the Goku is at the latest version I can at least find, 3.4. The problem here is that 280gou decided it was a good idea to make every palette other than the default an AI fighter who just plays the game for you. Surprisingly enough, I do actually want to play the character I downloaded, and I want some spice to it too, so I've come to ask if anyone knows how to turn off that AI for the alternate palettes so you can just play the game?

    (For the record, var59 does exist and I fiddled with it a bit, but it doesn't look like it does anything. I found this spot where it's apparently triggered by palettes 2 through 12, which looked promising, but that just turned off transformations for all the palettes. Any leads past that?)

    Should also put this down for people to look into to save time: https://mugen< >.com/forum/topics/so...-183761.0.html

    Another update: Found this thread to help with AI: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/show...of-a-character
    this worked for the most part. The problem is that both forms of UI are bugged out. MUI freezeframes the screen with only one-frame pauses for anyone to do something. UI Omen is the same story, but it also puts everything in the dark except for the HUD and his aura, so even more obnoxious with the problem. How would you go about fixing that?
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