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    Default Joe Musashi/Shinobi

    Does anybody have this version of Joe Musashi (aka Shinobi)? This is NOT Disciple X's version. It has rather spammy AI and Mortal Kombat-like fatalities with his magic, and it still has the dog which also defends Joe if he takes damage. I used to have him on my old computer, but ever since it died I cannot seem to find this version anywhere. Sadly I don't remember who created the character, but hopefully this footage from one of my old survival videos should help to identify him.

    He appears as an enemy in survival at 4:33 in this video.

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    Default Re: Joe Musashi/Shinobi


    Anybody at all? I think this character would also make a fine addition to the Archive if anybody has it!

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    Default Re: Joe Musashi/Shinobi

    Is this the one you are looking for?


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    Default Re: Joe Musashi/Shinobi

    he said it wasn't the disciple x version. I've been trying to search for this character but to no avail. Its tough without a lead to go on.

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    Yeah, definitely not Disciple X's version. It is similar in that it uses Shinobi III sprites and has the dog, but it has MK style fatalities (some using his magic), and the AI likes to spam teleportation and slash moves with the sword, and also has a grab move that has a rather heavy amount of blood effects.
    If you need a reference to see how he acts, he appears at 4:33 in the video. I wish I could help more. I only ever found the character once. After my first computer died, I haven't been able to find the character ever since.
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