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    Default I'm trying to create my first character

    As stated in the title I'm trying to make my first fighter for mugen But I'm need for some assistance I'm trying to make Drake from drake of the 99 dragons (Yes I know the game is awful but it always stuck with me for some reason) My issue is that I need a sprite sheet and a sprite sheet for Drake doesn't exist (Hmm I wonder why) I would make one but I'm not exactly the best when it comes computer art (But I can do decent sprite edits) I just want to know if someone can lead me to a sprite sheet of a character in a trench coat with pistols just to use as a base Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: I'm trying to create my first character

    You could edit a char like cleric by maruhen that would be the only one because the char is a 3d char in the first place and secnd is from a shooter game so it doesnt make sense to ask if there are sprite sheets for that one.
    For the people unaware of the game the game is a third person shooter for xbox in this point cleric by maruhen would be a kinda similar char with a gameplay based on pistols so you would need to ask permision and edit the char accordingly

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