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    Default Lost donor status

    Sorry if this is something simple, but I've lost my donor status somehow.
    Is there a time limit on it? I never saw one mentioned, and would ask that information be added to the level up your account post (mugenarchive.com/forums/announcement.php?a=2), but would understand if so. Otherwise I would appreciate it if I could be reinstated.

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    Default Re: Lost donor status

    Subscriptions are limited to a certain period, and I think it's pretty straight forward. The periods are explicitly mentioned in the subscription page.

    The idea is people who don't have time to get involved in MUGEN or don't have time to participate around the site, can help with the server fees with a donation and get a VIP access for a limited period.

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    Default Re: Lost donor status

    Roger that and thanks for the response. I'll prolly be doing so again soon, hehe.
    I believe I may have been slightly tipsy when I originally paid, please forgive my lack of attention.

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    Default Re: Lost donor status

    Do the reoccurring payments not renew donor status? I paid $5 today as part of my reoccurring subscription but i lost my donor status

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