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    Default Capcom VS SNK TAG Warzone M

    Again, know to excuse my english.


    Here my MUGEN compilation. Unifinished because of lack of knowledge on some topics, but totally playable.
    Pretty good balance, no "waaaaay-overpowered" chars over others.

    Reasons why it's unfinished:
    - Portraits of all chars are not done.
    - All the hidden chars have some compatibility issue with the TAG System. That's why they remain hidden.
    - "Order" not defined on .def file
    - Others

    * Front/Back Dash.
    * Air Dash.
    * Double Jump.
    * Super Jump.
    * Run.
    * Back/front/standing dodge.
    * Air chainable combos.
    * Special bar charge command.
    * Air recovery
    * Parries.
    * Taunts.
    * Some chars with their equal on "evil transformation". Press Start when selecting character or many with transformation on match through command.

    Integrated Systems
    * Guard Break system.
    * Dizziness system.
    * Striker/Assist System.
    * TAG System.
    * Match Score points.
    * Combo counter scaled on categories + announcer voice.
    (Good, Great, Beautiful, Fantastic, Marvelous, MUGEN).
    * Match Result, qualification standard, extra info about match as:
    - First Attack.
    - Perfect.
    - Match Evaluation.
    - CPU difficuly level.

    * Zoom enabled Stages.
    * Vertical Air-combo friendly stages.
    * 96 + chars.
    * 100 + musicalized stages.

    Hidden Characters (for being over powered uncompatible or, out of franchise)

    Below last row of visible characters, in order:

    To the left (Maki)
    Bison = Deadpool
    Guile = Evilryu
    Eagle = EvilKen
    Balrog = xRyux
    Yamazaki = Ella
    Kim = Giano
    Yashiro = Kuando
    Geese H. = UBU
    To the right (hibiki)
    To the right (leona_akof)

    It's oriented for two players fun.

    Hidden Characters requiere editing .def file.
    Rename the "Select ALL CHARS.def" to "Select.def" on DATA folder (This will break the "simul" mode when one of the hidden characters, as stated above) BUT before, backup the "select.def" file on DATA folder.

    Download link https://mega.co.nz/#!MRA0jYwY!PMjb-3zmLytjRcbqDes0RZSp4G5aDrH5O3qEC-OHTkg
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