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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    I find him better than Kyo. I get Kyo's meant to contrast Ryu but even then I can see why SNK and Capcom would opt to replace them.
  2. Re: Unpopular King of Fighters Opinions

    I dislike every newcomer from the Ash saga except for probably Adelheid. This isn't counting characters from games in the Fatal Fury timeline who made their KOF debut in the Ash saga, though. Also, I...
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    Re: What was your last dream?

    I think i was playing a game like Fate by Wildtangent (Fate's an obscure-ish Diablo clone that's actually kinda good). I think my brother and sister were playing the game too, there were death traps...
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    Re: Favorite King of Fighters Saga?

    Nests Saga. It's aesthetically pleasing, it introduced K', Kula, and Igniz, and the whole transition into science fantasy is something i appreciate.
  5. Re: anybody knows any good grapplers?

    Someone might have made a Pocket Shermie, but i dunno.
  6. Re: Fighting game characters you want to see return/appear again

    Everyone from Power Instinct and Rage of the Dragons (i hope ArcSys gets the rights to those series)
    Everyone from Red Earth/Warzard (except for Mai-Ling, she's kinda generic even with the fantasy...
  7. Re: What Family-Friendly Character Would Be Suited to Battle on Mugen?

    sad claps is fun for the whole family
  8. Re: Your Mugen Villain VS a Random Mugen Hero

    I'd choose C. Evil Ryu to defend me against He Lucathicc because intentionally stupid edits of shotoclones are the best.
  9. Re: Updated my Select.def yet MUGEN boots with old list

    Does the name of Lord Deimos' .def file match the name of his folder?
  10. Poll: Re: Thoughts on K9999? (King of Fighters poll)

    I don't care for him too much but i find him slightly better than Nameless, at least.
  11. Poll: Re: What do you think of Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

    I love the kreate a fighter mode. i also think the soundtrack's cool too.
  12. Poll: Re: What do you think of Guilty Gear Isuka? (poll)

    never played it but it looks like a mess. I like Guilty Gear, but Isuka is kinda just there.
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    Poll: Re: HD Alucard from Castlevania


    this site has voice clips of Alucard ripped from Castlevania SOTN, Judgement, Grimore of Souls, and Lords of Shadow 2.
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    Re: Favorite Joke Characters?

    DrKelexo, MelvanaInChains, and Arpa's stuff in Mugen.

    In official games i'd say Dan and Shingo. probably Faust, too, if i ever got to using him.
  15. Poll: Re: What do you think of The King of Fighters '97? (Poll)

    It's an okay end to the saga. I like how the bosses kinda escalate to a JRPG-level threat; however, i dislike Orochi as a final boss. I'll admit that the replacement of stage themes for ambiance is...
  16. Re: Favorite Touhou Character? (For those that like Touhou)

    I know very little about touhou but Marisa, Ran, and Cirno are cool i guess
  17. Re: Fighting game Series that need love

    Power Instinct - To be fair it is a very old and mostly japan-only franchise; It's not on a level Capcom or SNK's games were at the time, but the games do have a certain charm to them.
  18. Re: Which Mugen Character would you like to have as a friend?

    Sad Claps
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    Re: Do you like Japanese games?

    Of the Japan-only games i like, i like Kakuge Yaro, Natsuki Crisis Battle, and The Rumble Fish, just to name a few.

    I kinda feel like some of the lower budget japanese games are probably the ones...
  20. Re: What's a game you like/dislike that everyone else seems to like/dislike?

    for a game i dislike, i'd say the entire Tekken or Killer Instinct series. Both never really got my attention outside of that they exist, really; both also feel more like 3d tech demos made for the...
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    Re: What's your Profile Pic Origin?

    i randomly felt like changing it to Braixen drawn by Winick-lim, just cause that facial expression. Additionally, in the original pic it's saying "What we going to do next?".
  22. Re: What meme characters/people do you want to see in MUGEN?

    Geese Howard but every attack is his counter where he goes "Predictabo"
  23. Re: What's your favorite video game soundtrack that's from a game you've never played

    The Rumble Fish, 1080 Snowboarding, and Jet Set Radio just to name a few
  24. Re: Favorite Fighting Game Moves/Skills?

    Athena's Psycho Ball
    Iori's Maiden Masher
    Geese's "PREDICTABO" counter
    Ken's variant of the Shoryuken
    Baiken, I-No, and Testament's Instant Kills
  25. Poll: Re: Your Opinion on 'Evil Version of Protagonist' Characters?

    I find them pretty annoying although i kinda like Orochi Iori, Orochi Leona, Purple Nakoruru/Rera, and Violent Ken
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