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    An Unplanned Hiatus

    For anybody wondering where I've been for quite some time(how many days was it?)...
    Two things have temporarily pulled me from mugen, one of them being the outside world finally giving me a...
  2. Re: What do you think of huge rosters?

    Size doesn't matter to me. As long as at least most of the characters are competitively viable, you can have a huge roster. Unfortunately this is rarely the case from my experience as most games with...
  3. Re: Games that don't have a lot of love but you still like and enjoy them

    Time to reveal myself as a total nerd! My pick is a turn-based RPG called Aidyn Chronicles for the N64...
    What never heard of the game? Can't blame ya as it was released at the end of the N64's...
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    Re: Wha Are you Drinking right now?

    Had some Pineapple Juice. Sometimes I like to drink something a little sweeter than water(which I still drink often)
  5. Re: How many people have you introduced to Mugen?

    I've shown it to my little brother a few years back. Knowing him, he's always trying out stuff he just discovered(provided it isn't something he doesn't like)
    It didn't take long for him drop out...
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    Re: What got you into M.U.G.E.N.?

    The amount of customization you can do with the engine is what sold me on it.
    The amount of characters & stages you want in, which characters & stages you want in, what each character's playstyle...
  7. Poll: Re: Favorite archetypes in fighting games?

    Zoners or Rushdown, whichever infuriates scrubs the most!
  8. Re: Pokemang, Fanmade Stat Reconfig Forum!

    Back with another duo of Pokemen & thier base stats, both vanilla & revised. Since I clipped a different chart for this, the unaltered vanilla stats are displayed on the left side of the image while...
  9. Re: Is your roster serious or joke

    Mostly serious since I emphasize general roster balance, though I do have a few joke characters that are capable of beating the other fighters in the roster.
  10. Re: Do you guys like to have a mugen full of OP chars, normal ones, or inbetween?

    I always put emphasis on making sure that everybody in the roster has a real shot at winning, even if it's mostly due to them all being able to parry.
    Of course, some characters will inevitably be...
  11. Re: Who are your 6 favourite pokemons?

    Breloom(of course, I uploaded a version of the chipper mush on this site)
    Scolipede(one of the first good bug-types BESIDES Scizor)
    Alolan Raichu(Tapu Koko's tag buddy in the Idiot Destruction Duo,...
  12. Re: What are some of the most toxic fandoms you know?

    Can't think of any, at least none that are relevant.
    If anything, I get more annoyed by the people screeching "Toxic Fandom" since they more often than not make a mountain out of an anthill.
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    Re: Corona virus!!!😷

    I want this garbage to just blow over! the sooner this virus is beat the better!:ranting2:
    Not only would that mean fever old folks dying, but it would also mean everyone can finally shut up about...
  14. Re: What controller do you use to play MUGEN?

    Rocking out with a mouse & keyboard.
    I used to have a USB pad that was compatible until it fell into the mercy of my baby brother's clumsy escapades.
    I guess making a more durable controller is too...
  15. Re: Fighting Games That Make You Mad (NO SALT!)

    Whichever fighting game that throws DLC characters in my face, effectively killing any desire of playing it ever again.(or at all if I've yet to touch it)
    Can't I just play a fighting game without...
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    Re: How overpowered is your OC?

    One OC that sticks in my head is my scaben boy Joshua.(Scaben is the mouse-folk race in the world I'm creating for him). Joshua actually has a background, But since this is about power level...
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    Re: Who's you're favorite youtuber?

    Not sure if this counts since he's a twitch streamer, but he does have a Youtube channel so I'm gonna say DarksydePhil.

    There's something about watching this bumbling goofball getting clowned in...
  18. Re: What super smash bros do you prefere?

    Quite literally any Smash Bros Pre-smash4. My particular favorite being Brawl. Sure it may not be as fast paced as melee and has it's own landfill of balance issues ... but unlike Melee, I can remedy...
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    Re: Combo Labbing: Do you do it?

    I usually lab combos with whatever Character I'm messing about in Fighter Factory. I also lab with characters that are in my roster every now & then for the fun of it as well as finding areas to...
  20. Re: What's the first game you ever played ?

    I'm pretty sure it's double dragon 2 since the first time I ever played a video game was with my grandpa. Naturally, being a wee little lad at the age of three meant that the only strategy I would...
  21. Re: Say the name of one food that you hate

    Soda... it practically hurts my tongue trying to drink it. Yet everybody in my family can chug that stuff down like water.
  22. Let's Talk Pokemon Nuzlocke House Rules

    From triumphant victories to getting screwed over by RNG, there is something appealing about Pokeman Nuzlocke runs.
    I wonder who all here has thought up of homebrew rules for their Pokeomang...
  23. Pokemang, Fanmade Stat Reconfig Forum!

    Ever imagined your favorite being of destruction having different stats than what was given to them? Did you wish a pokemon was stronger or had totally different stats altogether?
    While we cannot...
  24. Re: What is the weather like in your country

    Back in 2017, winter was bizarrely warm and clear. Now it's cold, gray, and sometimes rainy.
  25. Re: What are the character archetypes you usually lean towards in fighting games?

    Definitely Hard-Zoners or Rushdown fighters ... probably because I only ever get people rage quitting with constant pokes & projectiles or by staying in the other player's face, bombarding them with...
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