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    Poll: Re: Do you like crossovers?

    Me too.
    I am still hoping for a "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha VS. Senki Zesshou Symphogear" game to be made someday....
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    Re: Character you hate the most?

    I can respect your opinion on the Courage the Cowardly Dog cast and Reinforce Zwei as I both like those characters but I can agree you on MK, Undertale, Chip Skylark, Link, and almost anything horror...
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    Re: What's your Profile Pic Origin?

    Ciel from Puyo Puyo Quest and Puyo Puyo Champions (aka. Puyo Puyo eSports for those who live in East Asia)
    she is a member of a group of angels
  4. Re: Your Win Quotes If You Were a MUGEN/Fighting Game Character

    "Huh, I won?!"
    Against Nanoha Takamachi:
    "I can't believe I defeated the Ace of Aces herself."
    Against Signum:
    "You will always be best Wolkenritter and best lady to me..."
    Against any Puyo Puyo...
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    Re: Post a movie that have scared you

    The End of Evangelion, Where the Dead Go to Die, and The Truman Show

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and anything that has a jumpscare in it.
  6. Re: Shippings You Dislike/Don't Like/Hate and Reasons Why You Do

    Shinji x Kaworu
    and Nico x Maki
    They are just both overrated trash.
    Also, Sonic X Tails and Sonic x "Donut Guy" (I forgot his actual name but he's the Earth man who was friends with Sonic in the...
  7. Re: Characters you actually like/love that almost everyone hates

    Yeah, I like the materials too (especially Levi, she's my spirit animal).
    I also like Baldanders from the Puyo Puyo franchise despite not being a popular and strong character. Man, I wish he was...
  8. Sticky: Re: ==OFFICIAL "Does this thing exist/Who is the author/What is the name of" THREAD==

    Does a MUGEN/IKEMEN/IKEMEN GO Full Game based on Capcom VS SNK 2 that has all of the characters and Tag Team mechanics exist?
    And so, where can I download it (preferably not on MEGA or 4shared)?
  9. Re: Do you still use 1.0 or not? Why or why not?

    because 1.1 is pretty much obsolete by this point due to IKEMEN GO and its many forks and variations.
  10. Re: Character Death(s) That Made You Happy

    Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED Destiny
    Regius Gaiz from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
    Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  11. Sticky: Re: ==OFFICIAL "Does this thing exist/Who is the author/What is the name of" THREAD==

    Are there any decent MUGEN full games based on Marvel VS. Capcom 2 out there that have all the characters (including the final boss, Abyss) and stages of that game and tag team?
    Also, could somebody...
  12. Re: Characters you actually dislike that almost everybody loves

    Oh, and also every character from The Loud House. Man, I hate that show so much.
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    Re: Last movie watched

  14. Re: Characters you actually dislike that almost everybody loves

    Kaworu Nagisa from the Evangelion franchise
    the Ice Climbers from Ice Climbers
    Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid
    Hero from Dragon Quest
    and basically every character from the My Little Pony and...
  15. Re: What is the Last Film you watched on Theatre ?

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
  16. Re: Who do you prefer? Remilia or Flandre? (Touhou discussion)

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    Re: Last movie watched

    Wow, this was an experience, alright.......


    - - - Updated - - -

  18. Re: What have you ever wanted but don't have today still?

    I've always wanted the Limited Edition AGS-101 Pikachu Limited Edition Game Boy Advance SP ever since I first saw it in an ad when I was little and starting to get into Pokemon.
  19. Re: Who was your first MUGEN Character?

    I honestly don't remember.
  20. Re: What is your favorite MUGEN character?

    Shana, Goku, the Freedom Gundam, GaoGaiGar, Gunvolt, Ten no Zeorymer, Cure Blossom, Kenshiro, Kirby, Destiny DIO, any of STG's Gundam characters, Kohaku, Thanos, Kamen Rider Kuuga (BlackCat's version...
  21. Re: who's you're favorite mugen character?any recommendations for new mugen players?(

    ZET's Shana
    I just love her so much. Pretty much everything about her is great.
  22. Re: What are some fighting games that you don't have but want? For what reason?

    Capcom VS. SNK 2
    either the SEGA Dreamcast or the Gamecube EO versions
    I want it because I love grooves.
    However, I do not have a Gamecube and the only working (non-U) Wii I have can't play...
  23. Re: what is your favorite anime character

    Nanoha Takamachi (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
    She's a major moe bada** and the Chuck Norris of Magical Girls and I love her!
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    Re: Characters that should be Mugenized

    I agree. Somebody also needs to make his "father" "mother" creator herself, Christine "Chris-Chan" Weston Chandler as a MUGEN character as well. Just imagine the wide, golden pool of moves and...
  25. CVS2 character (character with grooves) template?

    Could somebody find one? You know, a character template with grooves? I see some characters who use Warusaki3's CVS2 template but I can't find the template itself anywhere! So, could somebody please...
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