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  1. Re: Characters you actually like/love that almost everyone hates

    Stryker from Mortal Kombat.

    I hope by some astronomically small chance he ends up in MK11 as DLC.
  2. Re: If you had to have any superpower what would it be?

    I don't know if this count per se since in universe it isn't an actual superpower, but Bullseye's type of deal with being able to make anything a lethal projectile by throwing it.
  3. Re: Alright guys whats your favorite color??????????

    A dark, royal purple.

    Regal af.
  4. Re: What are the character archetypes you usually lean towards in fighting games?

    Above all else grapplers with heavy rush down and big hits.

    Set up characters are fun too but there's something less satifying about doing your damage in several dozen basic combos off of a trap...
  5. Re: Do you have a favorite character in the 'Tekken' saga?


    No particular reason really I guess, I just kinda liked her aesthetic the one time I played Tag Tournament 2.
  6. Re: what is your favorite videogame character?

    Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell

    Michael Ironside-y baritone goodness and cool martial arts.
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    Re: Superheroes and Fighting Games

    I don't think he's really been in any proper fighters, just mobile games and the Ultimate Alliance games if anything.
    As far as I've found, none that work in WinMugen
    I'm a big fan of...
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    Re: What Are You Playing Now?

    MKX since I finally got a thumb drive big enough to download it.
    Watch Dogs, ditto. Had it on Uplay since they gave it away in an Advent Calendar 3 years ago.
    UMvC3 since I am always at least...
  9. Re: Is there a game that you regret preordering?

    Never preordered myself either, but I do regret one full price purchase back in the day.

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier was a terribly buggy mess on PC that would not let you past the 4th mission no...
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    Re: Last Game Finished?

    Injustice 2 on Xbone.
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