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  1. Re: Shippings You Dislike/Don't Like/Hate and Reasons Why You Do

    To be honest, i think that most of fighting game ships don't make much sense anyway. No, i do not hate romance, but i don't think all that "OMG, I LOVE YOU" and "Two characters are in love with each...
  2. Re: You have a single wish from the Forever Dove.

    For sure.
  3. Re: You have a single wish from the Forever Dove.

    Maybe this is a way too simple, generic and/or stupid wish... Or hypocritic if you will, but at least wishing kindness and good things is way better than wishing death or something terrible.

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    Re: Who are your Top 5 Waifus?

    Thank you. :smile:
    (yass, good to know that there is a smile emoji)
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    Re: Who are your Top 5 Waifus?

    I feel like a sick and weird degenerate for writing this and i might get judged and hated especially since i don't have a good taste in waifus, but here it goes... (sorry if i offended you)

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    Re: Your preferred MUGEN size?

  7. Re: Do you still use 1.0 or not? Why or why not?

    I was always a 1.0 user, but IKEMEN can't be used with 1.1, right?
  8. Re: What do you think about the fighting game series Killer Instinct?

    Nice, thanks.
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    Re: Do you like old games ?

    I like old games honestly, especially the ones i loved playing in my childhood. New games are fun too, i guess, but i love most of the old ones as well. Old is gold, they say.
  10. Re: Laughter is the best medicine for everyone...

    Police: Papers?
    Driver: Scissors, i win!

    Even if it's maybe a bit cliché, this one is still one of my favorites.
  11. Re: Which game do you prefer: Guilty Gear or BlazBlue?

    Kind of surprised, for some reason, i thought i would see more BlazBlue fans but to be honest, i prefer Guilty Gear myself so, it actually makes me happy to see more people preferring Guilty Gear.
  12. Character Death(s) That Made You Happy

    What are some character deaths that actually made you happy and not sad or angry? I know that we usually feel sad when some character dies because they had so much potential, however, i don't want to...
  13. Re: Characters you actually like/love that almost everyone hates

    People don't like Shiki Nanaya?

    Oh, well. Not everyone has a good taste, i guess. (sorry if that sounded a bit arrogant, but Nanaya is my favorite MB character honestly and as far as i know, a lot...
  14. Do you still use 1.0 or not? Why or why not?

    Hello, MUGEN players, creators etc.
    I love 1.0 MUGEN for some reason, and that makes me curious...
    Do you still use 1.0 or not? Why do you use it or why don't you use it? Discuss.

    I still use...
  15. Re: What would be the dumbest character to be included in M.U.G.E.N.?

    I'm probably giving ideas, but to be honest, for some reason, it would make me say "what?" if i saw Albert Einstein character on MUGEN. Unless if it's well made? I do NOT hate Einstein (i actually...
  16. Re: Unpopular/Underrated Fighting Game Characters

    It's been a while since i played SF and i don't know too much about it, but didn't Ingrid also appear in some kind of Fighting Evolution (if it's called that) or something Capcom game for PS2 if my...
  17. Unpopular/Underrated Fighting Game Characters

    (WARNING: This thread will contain spoilers!)

    What are some fighting game characters you think are unpopular or underrated?

    For me...
    Kouma Kishima from Melty Blood, he is pretty badass, but...
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    Favorite foreign singers/bands?

    What is/are your favorite foreign singer(s) and/or band(s)?

    For me, i love Nikos Vertis' songs, even if i don't know much Greek, his songs are pretty great.
    And Tarkan is splendid too. I don't...
  19. Re: Who do you prefer? Remilia or Flandre? (Touhou discussion)

    Almost everyone who isn't familiar with Touhou knows about Flandre though (don't mind that though, we all start somewhere, i know that i didn't know much about Touhou either before i played...
  20. Re: Who do you prefer? Remilia or Flandre? (Touhou discussion)

    Well, i can respect that, i think both are really cool characters so, it's okay if you prefer Remilia or Flandre.
  21. Re: What fictional universes you would/wouldn't want to live in?

    Would want to live in:
    Digimon: As long as i have one of my favorite Digimon, i'm fine. Digimon are most of times stronger than humans (unless if you're Marcus, i love that guy) so, i wouldn't...
  22. Who do you prefer? Remilia or Flandre? (Touhou discussion)

    If you're a fan of Touhou, feel free to talk. If not, that's okay too.

    Alright, question for Touhou fans:
    Who do you prefer?
    Remilia Scarlet or Flandre Scarlet?

    For me, i like Remilia a bit...
  23. Re: What do you think about the fighting game series Killer Instinct?

    Sorry if i am acting like a smart***, but isn't Riptor female as far as i know?
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    Favorite Touhou Mid-Bosses?

    What are some of your favorite mid-bosses from the Touhou games? (if you play Touhou) Or some Touhou mid-bosses you like for some reason.

    For me:
    Daiyousei and Koakuma (most of fans call them...
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    Re: What do you think about Kung fu Man?

    To be honest, i like him, like everyone says, he is one classic and 'nostalgic' character for people who like MUGEN. He may not be very strong compared to other characters, but i still like him.
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