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    Re: Character you hate the most?

    I hate Kung Fu Man for the reason most hate Ryu here. He's not simple but effective, he's just boring. He's irritating to fight because of how much priority his moves give him that literally makes it...
  2. Re: Character Death(s) That Made You Happy

    This is a hilarious thread concept. I love it.

    MK 11 spoilers below.

    Sonya in MK11. I was never a fan of her, and she has a reputation of being OP thorought the franchise, but the "she must...
  3. Re: A list of missing/Offline/rare Donald edits

    Ugh. I really wanted Murasa Donald, Abe Donakazu, and Bomber Donald. Might have to add Lavander Solo to this as well, I was only able to download a .cns and .cmd file for him.
  4. Re: Happening Donald Beta 3.0 and Donald Solo Virtual

    Wait, I am one? All the ones I have are from public links.
  5. Happening Donald Beta 3.0, Donald SE and Donald Solo Virtual

    Requesting help in finding three elusive, yet common Donald edits I see in many videos.

    First is Happening Donald Beta 3.0 specfically by Karasu. We only currently have Beta 2.1 on the Archive...
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    Re: Unpopular Opinions

    I forgot about another biggie for me.

    My favorite platformer is Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. It's a low budget cashgrab of a game, but I really like it's simple and clean platforming...
  7. Re: Characters you actually like/love that almost everyone hates

    New Pac-Man. That is, in Pac-Man Party not the weird cartoon.
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    Re: Unpopular Opinions

    Mario Galaxy 1 and 3D Land were the last good Mario games. Cannot stand Odyssey, Maker, and 3D World especially.
  9. Add-on

    Re: Madoka Magica Witches & extra Portraits

    Thank you so much for these. I would buy a BlazBlue game that has Ronald or Charlotte in it with no doubt.
  10. Sticky: Re: What's this life bar?

    I do know they're called "Tubeless Lifebar", but I don't know if they have been uploaded here or not.
  11. Re: Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL

    This is too cool. I even had a Discord server for this game, but I had deleted it. So cool there's a new tier list.
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    Re: Bad portraits


    Her portraits get worse and worse every set of updates. They're so bad I no longer like her anymore. I don't mind...
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    Re: Do We Need More Furry Characters?

    Yeah, Bowser's furry. (Scalie) Wolf Link isn't and nor are MLP characters.
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    Re: Do We Need More Furry Characters?

    I don't think there needs to be more.
  15. Re: Para*****-Otaku Made a Alice Liddell.

    Hoping someone is able to assist with this, my favorite incarnation of Alice.
  16. Re: Rivals of Aether Just Became Mugen but a Platform Fighter

    What game is Rivals of Aether again? Does it have something to do with Ike?
  17. Re: Does anyone here know what sharing website uses "up" then numbers for file names?

    I believe it is a now defunct Japanese hosting website named "Muluv Alternative".
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    Re: Post a movie that have scared you

    When I was a kid, American Gangster was the scariest movie I had ever seen. Ruined going to theaters for me even.

    Then One Missed Call came around. Never watched it, but it's cover art had me...
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    Re: [18+] Your opinion on [18+] mugen

    Fine, I'll be the first "supporter". In quotes because I don't exactly support what Kuromaru represents and all those aggressors. I just enjoy the spritework of some "victims". Hate that term, but...
  20. Add-on

    Re: brucewayne74's and Warioman's Pac-Man

    Is this an A.I patch? Always liked this Pac more than Roy's, some of the hypers are too creative.
  21. Re: Video Game Characters you don't like that everyone does

    I agree with everyone Kora said. Especially Hugo/Poison and anyone from Darkstalkers. Rosalina too.

    Anyone from Street Fighter and King of Fighters and pretty much any Sonic character aside from...
  22. Stage

    Re: (Alpha) Champions Fielld (Rocket League)

    This is much better than a still image, like I would expect for a Rocket League stage. All I could suggest is maybe removing or having an option to remove the KoF characters on the grandstand.
  23. Re: I built this game from scratch using M.U.G.E.N sprites AMA

    I am so confused by what I just watched. But also very fascinated.
  24. Sticky: Re: Mugen Video Showcase

    RIP Chloe HF. I hardly knew you, but would have died to know much more. I will miss those eyes. :cray: Please don't make me have to go to that dragon instead, he won't be the same.
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    Re: Mario WIP Thread

    I'm always down for fighting NES Mario Bros. Love that NSMB based idle. Is he going to be more power-up based or a basic brawler like in Smash Bros? If he's power up based I hope he covers the NSMB...
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