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  1. Re: Is it possible to add 2 of the same character but different versions to select.de

    Just copy it to a different folder and add it as a different character. Folder and character .def need to have the same name if you don't specify it completely in select.def (which you can also do).
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    Re: Resolution or localcoord

    If you are using Mugen 1.1 and OpenGL, you can mix video resolution to get the best video quality. (No hay esta problema en Mugen 1.1 con OpenGL)

    Screenpack localcoord = whatever you want (lo que...
  3. Re: So i just made a joke ""stage"" of mcdonalds but it uh crashes my game

    Avoid using spaces and other non-letter characters in file names.
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    Re: Help with mugen 1.1 stage please

    It would be a massive headache for me to convert my install to widescreen and I wouldn't gain that much from doing it. I'd have to use another screenpack or modify mine. I use localcoord to scale a...
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    Re: Who has the worst AI in your MUGEN?

    Pretty sure that I have plenty of characters with no AI, so I guess they win the battle for worst! lol
  6. Re: Need help on how to "uncomment" a file (I'm new so i don't know how it works full

    Uncomment means delete the ";". Of course, you need to delete the ones that refer to actual code snippets. Not the commented comments.

    So change

    ;[Statedef 220]
    ;type =...
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    Re: Help with mugen 1.1 stage please

    There are settings in your Mugen CFG under the [video] section. Stagefit and Systemfit... You can try to mess with those.

    But yeah, basically, stages need to setup to match your screenpack...
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    Poll: Re: What do you think of Yuki?

    Eh. I can only say that I don't care, but let's be fair.

    Yes, she is boring, generic, and forgettable. That's a pretty fair description of an average person in our universe. Poor Yuki lives in...
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    Re: Typical noob question.

    Unfortunately, no. About all you can do is replace the portrait and icon with something modified to scale back to normal. Math time!

    I remember one of the Mugen 1.1 alpha docs said that they...
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    Re: Typical noob question.

    CNS scaling has a lot of issues because it basically just scales the sprites and nothing else. You can program in a bunch of scaling variables to make it work properly (descolor does this), but it's...
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    Re: adjusting mp3 audio files


    I run that on all of my MP3s. Annoyingly, some software/hardware will try to normalize MP3s based on some meta tag, so uhh...don't normalize your entire MP3 library. Just the mugen ones.
  12. Re: What's your opinion on 3v3 and/or 4v4?

    I liked it enough to make the Mugen 1.1 versions. lol. It's just some byte editing in a hexeditor to tell the selector to pick 3 or 4 characters instead of 2 in simul.

    4v4 w/ the Street Fighters...
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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    He's fun to play as and has cool moves. His personality is 100% cringe, though. He dresses like a goof and he hates fighting! Why is he even in a yearly fighting tournament? After KOF99, he has...
  14. Re: How much effort do you put into character balancing and editing? Some or none?

    Too much.

    I change the character's display to their full name so it's easier to find them in my ridiculously large roster.
    I edit the palette keymap so that X is default.
    I fix the button layout...
  15. Re: What do you like better, villain or heroes

    I'm betting that the majority of elite athletes are exactly the type of person that you'd compare to Sagat. They're really good and they want to prove it. Being the best is the achievement. When...
  16. Re: Start.lau crashes some Charcters on Ikemen

    It gives an error message there. It's not detailed, but it's something.

    The first one is an error on line 725 of "chars\Hazama/helpers.cns". Not sure if that translation (no value specified?) is...
  17. Re: What do you like better, villain or heroes

    Depends on context, but I probably go with the trope of "honorable villain" most often.

    I'll admit it. I probably relate most to a character that's an overachieving jerk, than anything else. ...
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    Re: Favorite King of Fighters Saga?

    Orochi saga.

    Down since day one-ish, man. It's easy to scoff at the early KOF games, but come on man! KOF94 came out before Fatal Fury 3 and Street Fighter Alpha! Those were early days. KOF95,...
  19. Re: help. i don't know how to do this move

    The file isn't available anymore. You sure you did it right? C as in hard kick (or whatever) not the keyboard button C. Looking at the video, it is L by default.

    - Player 1 Scroll Keys:...
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    Re: Fighting game Series that need love

    Weaponlord was awesome. It would have been cool to see it in a version with upgraded graphics. The main problem with it, as with pretty much all one-off fighting games, is that there's not much you...
  21. Re: help. i don't know how to do this move

    Whatever the heck that code is from is definitely not it.

    Anyways, it doesn't help much if I don't know the exact character, but I searched for and downloaded the first thing that sounded like...
  22. Poll: Re: What do you think of The King of Fighters '97? (Poll)

    KOF97 was pretty good. Obviously a really rushed and somewhat buggy game, but it introduced a lot of concepts that became KOF staples. Despite seeming really unfinished, the game plays really well...
  23. Re: Fighting game characters you want to see return/appear again


    The pile of oil drums that shoot fire.

    The fat guy with a ponytail from AOF2 that only had two moves.
  24. Poll: Re: Your Opinion on 'Evil Version of Protagonist' Characters?

    I laughed because I immediately thought of Bison as some sort of reformed politician.

    But then I started thinking of every character I could trying to imagine how that could work, and you know...
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    Re: My MUGEN doesn't work.


    You just run the patcher and tell it to patch your mugen.exe. All it does it change a byte or two. It tells Windows to give the process 4GB instead of 2GB.
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