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  1. Re: How do i fix this error that comes up when i select my character? [Ikemen Problem

    Wait. Just fixed it. Edit the snd file and delete any sounds that are blank where it says sound info. This worked for me.

    I don't usually delete the sounds, I just make them not Play... But ya, I...
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    M.U.G.E.N.: Music Or Themed Music?

    Anyone ever use Separate Music Songs for Vs. Mode, then they do for Arcade / Story Mode?

    Or possibly?

    Arcade / Story = Song #1
    Vs. / Multiplayer = Song #2
    Stages = Song...
  3. Re: why arent chars inserted in the select screen even though u followed all the step

    Older Versions of MUGEN have a Character Limit, but also cause Crashing after a specific amount of Game Time...
    Newer Versions of MUGEN, some characters are there, it's just their Portraits are way...
  4. Re: What would be the dumbest character to be included in M.U.G.E.N.?

    Towelieeee, what could he do apart from jump, dry people terribly and get high?

    You'd be surprised, I mean Mr. Hanky had already been in an Action based Side Scroller Game already...
    He shoots...
  5. Re: How do i fix this error that comes up when i select my character? [Ikemen Problem

    Did you ever include a Sound File for the Character?
    Chances are, there is a problem with the Sound File in the Characters Folder...

    You may wanna Re-Check your SND File, to make sure that each...
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    Re: What ruins a mugen character for you?

    What Ruins A MUGEN Char For Me:

    - Bugs, Crashes, Non-Compatible, Messy Work
    - Low End Sprites, Having Very Few Sprites, Clunky Low End Creative Designs
    - Lacking Of Abilities
    - Cheap...
  7. Re: Question for people who like huge MUGEN rosters

    It's not that I enjoy large sum of characters in a Roster...

    I just find that some things, like Marvel for instance? I'd wanna cover as many Characters of the
    show as I possibly can for my...
  8. Re: how do you resize characters that are too big???

    This works, but only for certain Characters... Characters like for instance Freedom Gundam will not work this way...

    When you resize the Character in CNS File, it works. The issue is that Sprites...
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    Re: New to Mugen

    Welcome Aboard The Freight Train...

    "Suggestions? Suggest, whatever Chars suit your needs, such as favorites goes...

    I have liked the DC / Marvel ones myself, there is a huge large selection...
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    Re: When did you know about MUGEN?

    I found out about MUGEN back when it was still in MS-Dos format, oO

    By the way, this was back when I think I was still using a Windows 98 based Computer. They later came out with an MS-Dos /...
  11. Re: How can I raise my level to New Challenge?

    From what I understand is you need to post 10 times in the Forums to become a New Commer...

    That gets you the availability to download Characters...

    But am I also right that you need to...
  12. Re: Which Character Are You Surprised That Isn't In M.U.G.E.N Yet?

    With the way things are going, with all the clone Characters going around...

    I'm a little surprised there are a lot of characters I never expected to be in MUGEN at all...

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    Re: How is your life?

    How is my Life? What is this, an Assassination attempt?

    My Life is doing great, it's best served Hot & Stee
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    Re: Your best rpg for pc

    So far, it's GTA5, Skyrim, Final Fantasy 14, Watch Dogs, DC Universe Online... & many more...

    All these types of Games make me want to spend hours Playing... Sadly, I dunno if my PC can handle...
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    Re: why am i still a lurker, i posted 10 times

    You guys aren't seriously becoming New Challengers, just simply to Steal peoples works are ya?

    I hope you plan to stay for the after dinner party, >_<

    I have some to do list for...
  16. Re: What anime character would you like to see in MUGEN?

    I pretty much found all the Characters I need for MUGEN by now... My Cast is going through the Roof...

    But my Cybernects Game has a Terminator & Robo Cop, the only thing it needs now is Motoko...
  17. Thread: Seriously?

    by GuRu Asaki

    Re: Seriously?

    Ouch, that whale must be as blue as one can see... But I can't say the same for the people with that Tatooed on their arms... They look more red to me, @[email protected]
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    Poll: Re: How old are you?

    I just turned 32 in January of this Year...

    MUGEN has been around since Dos, & it's come a long ways...

    Sadly, I can't see it lasting much longer, this is the only site I can find that's...
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    Re: What is your favorite fighting game?

    My Favorite Fighting Game is a toss up between Tekken 6 & Mortal Kombat Deception & Mortal Kombat IX...

    Street Fighter has been great, but really I only like the first 2 Games so far... I'm not...
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    Re: Hows 2k17 been treating you?

    If your anyone like me, that feeling something is there, usually turns out, there really is someone there...

    If you feel like a sniper is out there with their eye on you, you never know, they...
  21. *New Member* Justice League Vs. Marvel?

    Hi, i'm new here, I just recently lost all my work that I've spent the last decade trying to gather up from Online...

    I do appreciate everyones work, they are very good... I only want to see this...
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