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  1. Re: Video Games Don't Make Sense!

    I always found Iori ironic since he seems as murderous as Yamazaki. K' dislikes are just funny to me but that's what I like about him. Anyway:

    Metal Gear Solid 4
    -The Rat Patrol had trouble...
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    Re: what was your fisrt mugen

    Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition 2

    This was the best DBZ game available until Budokai. Broly was virtually impossible to beat though.
  3. Re: Least favorite KOF characters

    1. Chang Koehan - He looks like a fat homeless man and is much less interesting than one. Really, all he does is swing his iron ball, belly flop, and do some auto combo. He's so boring that I...
  4. Poll: Re: Your opinion on Igniz? (Poll)

    His design is promising and comes off as one of the better bosses but he was introduced at a bad time for SNK. I mean, the NESTS storyline got rushed and bastardized and he ended up being one of my...
  5. Re: What is your top 5 favorite Arcade games?

    1. Metal Slug X
    2. Marvel vs. Capcom
    3. Shock Troopers
    4. Guardians/Denjin Makai 2
    5. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

    I'll probably replace one of them with Legend of Valkyrie in the future.
  6. Re: Shows/Cartoon/Anime/Etc You Wish Were Longer/Had More Episodes/Seasons?

    1. Megas XLR. Might be the only giant robot show made in America but it was so good. Definitely recommend it if you like anime. It's a shame that it ended on a cliffhanger because I think it's one of...
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    Re: Games that make you nostalgic

    Nearly every game on the NES and SNES minis. Also the original Seiken Densetsu III (aka Trials of Mana), Super Mario 64, and the 2D Mortal Kombat games.
  8. Poll: Re: What do you think of Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

    That was Mortal Kombat Deception.
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    Re: Nostalgic Youtube Videos

    And then you made remember an old meme that I should've remembered when Wrath of Giga Bowser came to mind:

    13 years later and we can Final Destination...
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    Re: Nostalgic Youtube Videos

    I really like that Alice video. Chill songs go well with night atmosphere. Anyway, some of the videos I have nostalgia for are actually older than Youtube:

  11. Re: Badass fighting game characters

    1. Quan Chi - Best schemer in fighting game history and is the chad to the virgin Shinnok.
    2. Grant (Mark of the Wolves) - One of the most chill guys in SNK and even though a bullet inside threatens...
  12. Re: Rank King of Fighters games

    1. KOF XI. MvC in SNK form and I love it for that. It would be better if they added Strikers.
    2. KOF 98 UM. Absolutely fantastic. Simple but very engaging. In a way feels like Street Fighter 2 (one...
  13. Re: Favorite Anime Character and Why?

    Probably Cobra from Space Adventure Cobra. I won't touch the MUGEN characters though because when I see one under 1MB, I know it's bad news. I learned my lesson with MetalGreymon.
  14. Re: What are your Favorite MUGEN stages?

    Anything by DISSIDIA or EXShadow but if you point a gun to my head and force me to pick one, probably MIKU City by MOTVGN
  15. Re: Which game has your favorite art style?

    For fighting games, definitely KOF 96-XI + Garou: Mark of the Wolves, SNK vs. Capcom, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

    Other than that, I like the artstyle of Final Fantasy VI and games similar to it...
  16. Poll: Re: Most Overpowered Nintendo character?

    Naturally it would be Giygas since he's become a Lovecraftian entity but I chose Shulk. Can't explain why since IT WILL SPOIL THE GAME and I don't see any spoiler tags. Go play Xenoblade Chronicles...
  17. Re: What game do you go to for stress relief?

    Duke Nukem 3D or classic Doom. With mods. Doom especially nowadays.
  18. Re: What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?

    The series hasn't been better than the first game so it's Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for me. KH2 Final Mix is also pretty good if you play it on Critical mode.
  19. Re: What is the best thing about 2020 so far for you guys?

    No crazies, ****-dealers, or ********tes outside. It's rather peaceful outside. Even the crackheads that caused trouble in my building are gone.
  20. Re: If you can have any mugen character's superpower which one will you choose?

    The Mask. I want to pull random objects and even people out of thin air too.
  21. Re: Is Gen from Barefoot Gen (Hiroshima nuke anime) an available character in Mugen?

    I have no idea what the purpose of the wiki is as there's characters that aren't playable in it and there's no MUGEN info at all unlike the MUGEN wikia.
  22. Re: Which Mugen version would be best?

    MUGEN 1.0 is the most stable but MUGEN 1.1 currently has the most stuff being made for it especially stages. Some characters like [email protected] Akira's characters and Mr Ansatsuken's Dudley seem to crash...
  23. Re: Who are your 6 favourite pokemons?

    According to this:

    1. Scizor
    2. Wobuffet
    3. Gardevoir
    4. Nidoking
    5. Squirtle
    6. Metapod
  24. Re: What your favorite character from Darkstalkers (Vampire)

    Probably Jedah but sometimes it seems like I prefer Morrigan, Lilith, or Felicia.
  25. Re: So Whatever Happened to Elecbyte?

    I used to think Elecbyte was gone forever but then they released MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1. They're just like Bang from OPM, they'll come back when the time is right.
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