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  1. Re: Favorite King of Fighters Saga?

    Nests Saga. It's aesthetically pleasing, it introduced K', Kula, and Igniz, and the whole transition into science fantasy is something i appreciate.
  2. Re: anybody knows any good grapplers?

    Someone might have made a Pocket Shermie, but i dunno.
  3. Re: Fighting game characters you want to see return/appear again

    Everyone from Power Instinct and Rage of the Dragons (i hope ArcSys gets the rights to those series)
    Everyone from Red Earth/Warzard (except for Mai-Ling, she's kinda generic even with the fantasy...
  4. Re: What Family-Friendly Character Would Be Suited to Battle on Mugen?

    sad claps is fun for the whole family
  5. Re: Your Mugen Villain VS a Random Mugen Hero

    I'd choose C. Evil Ryu to defend me against He Lucathicc because intentionally stupid edits of shotoclones are the best.
  6. Re: Updated my Select.def yet MUGEN boots with old list

    Does the name of Lord Deimos' .def file match the name of his folder?
  7. Poll: Re: Thoughts on K9999? (King of Fighters poll)

    I don't care for him too much but i find him slightly better than Nameless, at least.
  8. Poll: Re: What do you think of Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

    I love the kreate a fighter mode. i also think the soundtrack's cool too.
  9. Poll: Re: What do you think of Guilty Gear Isuka? (poll)

    never played it but it looks like a mess. I like Guilty Gear, but Isuka is kinda just there.
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    Poll: Re: HD Alucard from Castlevania


    this site has voice clips of Alucard ripped from Castlevania SOTN, Judgement, Grimore of Souls, and Lords of Shadow 2.
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    Re: Favorite Joke Characters?

    DrKelexo, MelvanaInChains, and Arpa's stuff in Mugen.

    In official games i'd say Dan and Shingo. probably Faust, too, if i ever got to using him.
  12. Poll: Re: What do you think of The King of Fighters '97? (Poll)

    It's an okay end to the saga. I like how the bosses kinda escalate to a JRPG-level threat; however, i dislike Orochi as a final boss. I'll admit that the replacement of stage themes for ambiance is...
  13. Re: Favorite Touhou Character? (For those that like Touhou)

    I know very little about touhou but Marisa, Ran, and Cirno are cool i guess
  14. Re: Fighting game Series that need love

    Power Instinct - To be fair it is a very old and mostly japan-only franchise; It's not on a level Capcom or SNK's games were at the time, but the games do have a certain charm to them.
  15. Re: Which Mugen Character would you like to have as a friend?

    Sad Claps
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    Re: Do you like Japanese games?

    Of the Japan-only games i like, i like Kakuge Yaro, Natsuki Crisis Battle, and The Rumble Fish, just to name a few.

    I kinda feel like some of the lower budget japanese games are probably the ones...
  17. Re: What's a game you like/dislike that everyone else seems to like/dislike?

    for a game i dislike, i'd say the entire Tekken or Killer Instinct series. Both never really got my attention outside of that they exist, really; both also feel more like 3d tech demos made for the...
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    Re: What's your Profile Pic Origin?

    i randomly felt like changing it to Braixen drawn by Winick-lim, just cause that facial expression. Additionally, in the original pic it's saying "What we going to do next?".
  19. Re: What meme characters/people do you want to see in MUGEN?

    Geese Howard but every attack is his counter where he goes "Predictabo"
  20. Re: What's your favorite video game soundtrack that's from a game you've never played

    The Rumble Fish, 1080 Snowboarding, and Jet Set Radio just to name a few
  21. Re: Favorite Fighting Game Moves/Skills?

    Athena's Psycho Ball
    Iori's Maiden Masher
    Geese's "PREDICTABO" counter
    Ken's variant of the Shoryuken
    Baiken, I-No, and Testament's Instant Kills
  22. Poll: Re: Your Opinion on 'Evil Version of Protagonist' Characters?

    I find them pretty annoying although i kinda like Orochi Iori, Orochi Leona, Purple Nakoruru/Rera, and Violent Ken
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    Re: What was your last dream?

    i keep having random dreams where the scenario is i go back to school. that's all i can remember.
  24. Non-MK characters with fatalities

    Anyone know of some non-MK characters with fatalities? I know i got a large chunk of them but i kinda wanna see some others.
  25. Re: why hasnt anyone made a baki mugen yet?

    like a Baki the Grappler themed full game? I do know Tokage made a good chunk of characters from that series, though.
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