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  1. Re: How did you start to play mugen and what characters did you put in?

    I started to play it recently and got into it because I saw many youtubers playing it and I thought why not and I looked up a tutorial on how to get it and here we are now. I plan on getting bleach...
  2. Re: Mainstream characters you want to see in MUGEN

    I don't if they are in mugen but maybe Muzan?
  3. Sticky: Re: ==Mugen Showcase Thread==

    Yeah it looks nice..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah it looks nice reminds of the days I used to play on that one console forgot its name.
  4. How Long Has Mugen Been In Your Lives?

    I just want to know since I am curious :)
  5. Re: Requests are open, feel free to request any character or edit.

    That would be funny. Imagine a Abraham Lincoln fighting Goku
  6. Re: Favorite controller to play mugen with?

    I didn't know you could play with controllers on mugen thanks for the heads up
  7. Replies

    Re: New to Mugen. Any recommendations

    I would recommend Ichigo
    or bleach characters they are fun
  8. Re: How much would you rate MUGEN on a scale to 1-10?

    Yeah I would give it a 9.5 because nothing is perfect :)
  9. Re: How much longer until we get Demon Slayer Characters?

    Dude I cant wait till they add the stone guy it's gonna be dope..
  10. Re: What Star Wars characters do you recommend?

    I have no clue if they exist but obviously anakin skywalker before he became darth vader ofcourse
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