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    Re: Join our discord server

  2. Re: Worst anime game or anime-styled game you ever played?

    Honestly, while it might not be worst, the biggest disappointment for me was Jump Force, it could've been amazing.
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    Re: Which Game Are You Anticipating The Most?

    Honestly I'm really excited for Pirate Warriors 4, I really enjoy musou games and the pirate warriors series is a blast, can't wait to try out all the new characters.
  4. Re: What are the character archetypes you usually lean towards in fighting games?

    I usually go with faster characters when it comes to gameplay, though sometimes I'll pick a character just cause I dig the way he acts in the story.
  5. Re: What is your favorite sonic the hedgehog game?

    Gonna have to agree with the person above, SA2B is my favorite even though it's got it's fair share of issues, it's got too much sentimental value for me, not to mention probably my favorite ost in...
  6. Re: What is the thing you want most in your life?

    It's hard to sum up it up with just 1 thing, but in my final moments I'd like to look back at everything my life's been with a smile.
  7. Re: [CHANGE MY MIND] (No argument pls, convince me that this show is good)

    The show has a very unique style to it, most of the fights have actual thought put into them unlike most shounen with friendship powerups, and the stands and the way they're used is incredibly...
  8. Re: What fictional universes you would/wouldn't want to live in?

    Honestly most of my favorite shows take place in really shitty worlds, so the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that I'd wanna live in is any harem anime, as long as I'm the main...
  9. Re: If you were a Mugen character, what would your win quote would be?

    Just an animation of me pointing down, that'll do.
  10. Re: Any good stages For a Marvel VS Capcom type game??

    The archive has an entire section decitated for MvC stages, you should take a look there.
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    Re: Anime cliches you hate

    One of my biggest pet peeves with anime is how childlike the dialogue can be sometimes, unless you're watching a particularly serious anime, a good chunk of the dialogue in anime is pretty childlike...
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