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  1. Re: What is your favorite fighting game that you enjoy the most

    Hmm, there are some of fighting games i like. But yeah, here comes my typical answer.

    The King of Fighters, '96, '97, '98 (original), 2000, 2002 (original), 2002UM, '98UM and XI are my favorites. ...
  2. Re: Which game has your favorite art style?

    I love King of Fighters games, and other fighting games such as MB and MK...

    But for some reason, Guilty Gear XX/AC is awesome in my opinion. The sprites are big (especially in MUGEN, if you...
  3. Re: What Games Would You Like to See Remade?

    Not really sure, but i guess i would kind of like to see the visual novel Tsukihime remade if that's possible.

    If the remake also contains Kagetsu Tohya characters (such as Len, Kouma, Nanaya)...
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    Team mode in fighting games

    If there was already a thread talking about team mode in fighting games, i'll edit this post.

    Alright, i have two questions about team mode.

    1. What's your opinion on team mode in fighting...
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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    Yeah, i keep forgetting that XII was even a game. It had lots of flaws and disappointed lots of fans, Iori didn't have flames, Mai wasn't playable, it was a Dream Match (Ash Saga deserved a better...
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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    Not counting the Orochi saga games obviously since K' is a NESTS saga character, the only game i know that he doesn't appear in is XII (even though i never played it) and i kind of wonder how will...
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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    True, they say that K' hates KOF tournaments, and yet he appears in a lot of KOF games. I have no idea if he's actually lying, or if he's a tsundere (sorry if this word makes you cringe) or something...
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    Poll: Re: Your Opinion on K'

    Same, i mean, i do like Kyo and all, but for some reason, i like K' more.
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    Poll: Your Opinion on K'

    What's your opinion on K' Dash or K' for short, a character from the video fighting game series King of Fighters? Do you like him or dislike him?
    6811 (click to see full image)

    I actually like...
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    Re: Unpopular Opinions

    Isn't this popular as far as i know? Sorry if i sound like a jerk.

    But yeah, i agree with you. I don't want to sound like a boomer, but old cartoons are definitely better in my opinion, and not...
  11. Re: Unpopular King of Fighters Opinions

    In my opinion, he's one of the best characters from the Ash Saga. I love him and he feels so awesome to play.
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    Why do you like MUGEN Archive?

    I apologize if there was already a thread.

    Hello, everyone. I know that MUGEN Archive has a lot of users and is an active site, but i also want to know why do you like it? Is it because you can...
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    Re: Favorite video game villian/antagonist

    If i have to say only one:
    Igniz from The King of Fighters. Despite his cheapness and AI, i always thought he was a cool guy. (idk if that rhymes)

    If multiple villains are allowed: (not counting...
  14. Re: Unpopular King of Fighters Opinions

    I never played them so, i don't have an opinion, but i heard some good things about Maximum Impact 2. I think they also say that the first MI had English dub which was disliked by most fans?
  15. Unpopular King of Fighters Opinions

    If you like the KOF series but also have some unpopular opinions on it, feel free to talk.

    My unpopular KOF opinions:

    1. I like Kyo, Iori, K' and Ash, but for some reason, K' is the best one in...
  16. Sticky: Re: ==Mugen Showcase Thread== (Screenshots and Videos)

    Thank you.
  17. Sticky: Re: ==Mugen Showcase Thread== (Screenshots and Videos)

    Sorry for a dumb question, but is it allowed to post screenshot of your roster in this thread? I almost got worried this is an old thread and that no one is in it.
  18. Re: What is the best thing about 2020 so far for you guys?

    Yup, even if it wasn't as perfect as the PC or PS2 version, i guess it was a good thing they included #RELOAD, i kind of like it when some game has two games in it instead of just one, although not...
  19. Re: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core vs Guilty Gear XRD Revelator

    Is Guilty Gear XX Slash that Japanese PS2 game that had A.B.A and Order Sol (as far as i remember, i think you fight Order-Sol after you defeat I-No in Slash and AC games) in it?
  20. Re: What is the best thing about 2020 so far for you guys?

    Eh, the year wasn't as awesome as 2019, but it was alright so far because i knew how to spend it. (if that's even the correct word)
    I did dislike Coronavirus stuff, but i see some good things about...
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    Re: Favorite King of Fighters Saga?

    Hmm, what do you dislike about XIV? I've never played it though i heard some fans dislike it.
    Do you dislike it because of graphics or something? A lot of people dislike the graphics but i heard XIV...
  22. Game characters you would like and you wouldn't like to meet in real life

    WARNING: Because some of things i said in this thread may sound slightly disgusting and creepy, i will spoil some details. Unless if you can tolerate and don't mind blood and/or gore, read at your...
  23. Re: Disney's Hercules - Hydra (373)

    Never played that game, but oh man, that seems scary, imagine fighting that in real life. :shock_jaw_drop:

    Also, thank you! :)
  24. Video games that scared you as a kid

    I apologize if this is a stupid thread.

    Is there a video game/Are there video games that scared you when you were younger? What scared you in video games when you were a kid?

    For me...

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    Re: Favorite King of Fighters Saga?

    I apologize for a dumb question, but is that the canon name of the XV/15 saga or do fans like to call it that way?
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