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Devo (Anime) : Another Palette edit maybe the next will be Anubis/Black Polnareff 31st July 2019 57
Sasuke Kirin Edit by kiritoonline : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj6w1mcqpcE sprites by spectro sosuke, edited by kiritoonline pixel edits. NZC character 2nd June 2018 497
Sasuke Indra Edit by kiritoonline : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UX32AuUZdXk7tlKAzs5qg/videos?view_as=subscriber Edit by kiritoonline pixel 3rd June 2018 901
Guido Mista UnderBoss (Anime) : Guido Mista with the Passione palette made by me and Anime & ASB/EOH Voice. 10th August 2019 293
J.P.Polnareff (Mugen 1.1) Anime Pal : Awesome Polnareff but its the anime palette 26th July 2019 368
Alessi (Anime) : I Edit the palette, this was fast btw maybe i will make a version with the anime sounds 30th July 2019 75
AlessiV2 (Anime) : The First Alessi was some buggy palettes, sry for that 30th July 2019 197
Khan (Anime) : Anime colors i'ts a shame he didn't talk so much in the anime 31st July 2019 150
DevoV2 (Anime) : the first devo was a bug in the pallet, i fix that. sry. 31st July 2019 174
Chaka (Anime) : Anime Palette I trying to rip some sounds in the anime, maybe i will make a v2 4th August 2019 182
Black/Anubis Polnareff : Black/Anubis Polnareff Anime Palette. Maybe the next will be kosaku kawajiri 5th August 2019 315
Giorno Giovanna (Anime) : Giorno Giovanna Anime Palette By Naza15 And Anime Voice. I Edit some anime Voices and some palettes 9th August 2019 117
Giorno Giovanna (Anime)V2 : Sorry, i'm a Idiot. -- Updated 9th August 2019-12:42 -- Fix some bugs in the palettes, Golden Experience was not in anime colors Big Thanks to n00bm4573r69 For The Anime Voice Update And Naza15 For the Anime And Passione Boss Palettes. Don't D ... 9th August 2019 762
Old Joseph (Anime) : Old Joseph with anime palette and anime voice now with a simplified Special ''Super Hamon Overdrive!'' - D, D, D, X/Y/Z 7th August 2019 690
Leone Abbacchio (Anime) : Leone Abbacchio anime palette and anime voice. 9th August 2019 741
Lisa Lisa (Anime) : Lisa Lisa Anime Palette + Anime Voice. 8th August 2019 612
Kakyoin Noriaki (Anime) : Kakyoin Noriaki Anime Palette and anime & EOH Voices. Simplified Special ''S Hierophant Finish'' - D, D, D, + 2 buttons Big thanks to Iver Stone 8th August 2019 808
Kosaku Kawajiri (Anime) : Kosaku Kawajiri with anime palettes And Anime & ASB/EOH Voice. And Buttons Remap. Big Thanks to Iver Stone 8th August 2019 660
J.Geil (Anime) : anime palette only The next will be: Hol Horse and Hol Horse & Boingo 12th August 2019 380
Hol Horse (Anime) : Hol Horse with anime colors by me and anime sounds. Hol Horse & Boingo is in this char too btw 17th August 2019 447
Pannacotta Fugo (Anime) : Anime Palette by Naza15 i just change the hair for more anime accurate Purple Haze Feedback Palette By me i try to put the anime voice but the voice was very bad ripped. 18th August 2019 130
Pannacotta FugoV2 (Anime) : thats amazing anime palettes and anime voice by n00bm4573r69 i just add some palettes 30th August 2019 482
Koichi Hirose (Anime) : Palettes added by Naza15 Thank you... I Just change some palettes colors 30th August 2019 733
Khan V2 (Anime) : Khan anime palette by Naza15 and Khan Over Heaven by CALZONE37 The Next will be Devo or Chaka, maybe Anubis Polnareff 8th September 2019 102
Chaka V2 (Anime) : Anime palette by Iver Stone Mugen I was planning to put the anime voices in the chaka, but he only fights once and the lines are few, and the game seems to me to combine more, so I'll leave it that way. 8th September 2019 276
Anubis/Black PolnareffV2 (Anime) : All Palettes Edited by me JakeW Check His New Char: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJoeO3aaJt4 8th September 2019 299
Devo The Cursed (Anime) : FINALLY, A ANIME VOICE FOR DEVO! Also, i update his tandem sprite. Big Thanks to Iverv12 13th September 2019 203
AlessiV3 (Anime) : FINALLY, A VERSION WITH ALESSI'S ANIME VOICES! It was a headache to make these voices, because I didn't have much free time and also because the program I use was crashing, but it worked out in the end. Have fun. Anime Palette by Iverv12 Others Palet ... 16th September 2019 317
DIO (Anime) : DIO (Fixed Palettes) By Naza15 Thanks so much for this update! I really enjoy working with palettes, and with sounds too. Add 5 Palettes by me and some Jump Force Voices for DIO. 20th September 2019 486
Khan (Anime) : FINALLY, ANIME'S VOICE FOR KHAN! I added 1 new palette, unfortunately I can't make his hair brown, and I'm too lazy to do color separation, sorry Naza15 21st September 2019 218
Joseph Joestar (Anime) : Strange, I was doing this joseph 1 hour before a joseph was published Joseph Joestar with anime clothes and colors by Ryder the JoJo His Chars are good, he should be active again. I made 5 Palettes and fixed an AI bug where Joseph beat his opponen ... 22nd September 2019 332
Jean Pierre Polnareff (Anime) : Thank you so much for this color separation, Naza15 ! Color separation is pretty boring to do, and quite tiring at times. I changed some for the anime voice, because this polnareff he has most of the voices of voice actor Hiroaki Hirata (who made the ... 25th September 2019 795
Jotaro Kujo (Anime) : Jotaro Kujo with some JUMP FORCE voices and some palettes added by me. I had to leave these days for personal problems, sorry. Jump Force Palette by Max7544 Anime, OVA And Stone Ocean Palette by Iverv12 and Naza15. ... 12th October 2019 905