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Orochi/Mizuchi Edits, Kula Edits, and MK characters both classics and customized edits.
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Mortal Kombat


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Finale Sula : One of the most highly sought after Kula edits of all time now joins the Archive!!!! Extremely cheap, can only be K.O.'d by characters like Crazy-Catastrope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgFm2NYWb40 28th July 2015 582
Black Hat Mizuchi : This has got to be the most weirdest Mizuchi edit I've ever seen.:confused: I don't how to explain it so just give him a go a download him. 28th July 2015 172
Metal Ryu : An edit of Reu's famous/Infamous Evil Ryu, edited by G.oN. A simple palette edit giving it an awesome metallic look. 12th September 2015 543
Metal Ken : An edit of Reu's famous/infamous Evil Ken. I believe this was edited by G.o.N since it looks similar to Metal Ryu. 12th September 2015 451
!Universe : A extremely rare Magaki edit. His twelfth palette is a.i. only. 18th September 2015 538
Orochi Gill : A Gill edit with orochi powers. Warning A.I. is brutal. 18th September 2015 709
Evil Karin : As the name suggests, it's an edit of Karin Kanzuki to give her a more twisted look. Has a pretty creepy laugh. 18th September 2015 401
Hyper God Ryu : Perhaps the strongest Ryu edit in existence. Quite rare. 18th September 2015 1,263
Lord Ryu : Another powerful edit of the famous face of Street Fighter. Very cheap. 18th September 2015 363
Demon Sagat : A Sagat edit that's quite rare. Now it joins the Archive, thanks to my friends at Mugen. Thank you, Kaze No Ken. 18th September 2015 654
Zangeese : An interesting Zangief edit. Some of his attacks are taken from Geese Howard, he also sounds like him. 18th September 2015 259
KOD Gildiss : The final boss of The King of Dragons, Stage included. 18th September 2015 693
KOD Hydra : A boss from The King of Dragon's, the 4th boss to be exact. Stage included. 18th September 2015 711
Dark Oswald : A cheap edit of Oswald. He has a force field consisting of both his cards and lightning. He also has no hitboxes and as such can't be K.O.'d by normal characters. 18th September 2015 781
Ice-Oro-Mizuchi : One of most powerful Orochi/Mizuchi edits anyone has ever known, only being surpassed by Salvation Orochi. This unstable edit can topple characters like Crazy-Catastrope, M-Reimu, and N-Alice. Originally this character only worked for WinMugen, but thanks ... 18th September 2015 470
Salvation Donald : Having failed to find the mystical Salvation Orochi I settled for the next best thing. Salvation Donald!!! This character cannot be K.O.'d by any character other than itself or characters that can can surpass null. However it only works in WinMugen due to ... 11th January 2016 307
Golden-Catastrophe : An edit of Crazy-Catastrophe. Nothing much has been done other then he has been given a gold pallette, hence his name. okihaito is the original creator, I have no idea who edited it. 24th June 2016 91
Overkill : An edit of Crazy-Catastrophe. He features new moves, and intros, AI only. 24th June 2016 40
Dark-Arc-Angel : An edit of Crazy-Catastrophe, he has a new aura and palette and also has Seymour's theme from Final Fantasy X when using his 12 palette. AI only. 24th June 2016 25
Powerful Light : An edit of Crazy-Catastrophe that gives him a new aura and a bright white palette. Unlike the other edits, he has no theme music, and is a bit more stable compared to Crazy-Catastrophe and the other edits. He will still crash mugen at some points, but not ... 24th June 2016 42
Zombie Kula : Kula as a zombie, hence the name. Has green skin and twice the normal health. Can fire a large laser. 24th June 2016 230
Huriken : A Kula clone that has the ability to manipulate wind. Very fun to play. 24th June 2016 241
Icy Diamond : A cheap edit of Kula that also gives her fire and lightning based attacks in addition to ice. Some attacks are also taken from Mizuchi, such as Lightning Pillar. 24th June 2016 213
Arrabella Rose Bakudan : A joke edit of Kula. All it does is hover in place then just before the battle starts, unleashes an explosion that's a one-hit KO 24th June 2016 107
Arienwww : He is similar to Orochi Ball, but he floats and fires missiles of himself as projectiles. 24th June 2016 107
Dark Zero : Appears to be an edit of Rozwel, complete with a white tux, and blacked out skin. 24th June 2016 206
Nyorochi : I say unknown author, as I can't read the text, sorry. A really cheap of Orochi. A it's attacks are one-hit KO, including a simple punch or kick. It has no hit-boxes and as such can be defeated with characters like F1, or cheaper. 24th June 2016 116
J-Orochi : I'm guessing the J stands for joke. This is perhaps the cheapest Orochi/Mizuchi edit publicly available. He can KO characters like Crazy-Catastrophe, and Ice-Oro-Mizuchi. The only character I can think of that can defeat him is Extreme Dark Akuma. He is W ... 24th June 2016 99
[18+] N Emma Frost : 24th June 2016 2,035
Astragalus Stage : Stage created by Rick to go with his character of the same name :smile: 9th September 2017 11
Arugan! : School : Not exactly sure where this is from, but would say some kind of anime. :confused: 9th September 2017 17
Camp Crystal Lake Trail : From the old NES game, enjoy :) 14th October 2017 45