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  1. LoL. They were from here.
    All are Samurai Shodown V and V special.
    However. Now, myself is working on some stages i ripped from some classic racing games. Arizona, Cairo, Macau, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Paris, and Hawaii. World tour.^^ The stage Paris I'm gonna add some firework animation to make it beauty.XD
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About jlr24lp
Comics, Gaming ETC
IT Technician
MUGEN Preferences
Favorite MUGEN version:
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Symbiote Spiderman
Captain Venom
Phage and all the other symbiotes mostly
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Knights of Banner by O Ilusionista!
Symbiote Apocalypse
Symbiote Cave
Deadfaced Demension
Computer Configuration
Computer Specs:
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 oc 2gb (yes i need a new one i know)
MB: Asrock Fatality Killer 3.1
Sound: Bose Speaker system
HDD: 1Tb HDD + 1Tb HDD
Operating System:
Windows 10 64-bit
Internet Browser:
Google Chrome




We Are Venom!

-Thiiiiis, changes nothing
" "Perhaaappsss we won't consume you" "Thiiiis doesn't mean we are frieeeennnndddsss"

-Hmmph, we're calling you out
" "We're sooo scaaaarrreeeddd, we're shaking in our symbiote"


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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Infunny: Stage 1 : I found this on my old external hard drive didnt see it here its from something called Infunny enjoy 17th May 2017 12
Batman Beyond : Batman Beyond for your MUGEN Collection A little more history on this amazing character.... Terry McGinnis was the product of genetic engineering by Project Cadmus director Amanda Waller, who saw that her once-adversary and now ally Batman would nee ... 3rd May 2017 1,636
Cartoon Batman : The Original Bruce Wayne from the Animated Series, Saw it wast here so I decided to upload AI INCLUDED 4th May 2017 400
Boring SDK Mukurou : From Samurai Deeper KYO This edit is Awesome, Cool Special Awesome Moveset and amazing charecter overall I feel that hes a bit overpowered, but not so overpowered that he has advantage over other fighters but thats just my personal opinion ... 8th May 2017 269
Gremlin (Stripe) : Saw he wasnt here so uploaded, pretty decent. Awesome specials 10th May 2017 175
Infunny: Stage 2 : Found stage 2 on same HDD and uploading 3 also 17th May 2017 4
Dark Raiden : A personal charecter from my collection, he makes as a good sub boss. Hes not too overpowered though, IMHO 16th May 2017 410
Finn and Jake : There is a sprite of just Finn and Pocket Jake, this sprite similar to that of Capcom and has included MVC similar fighting style. Its both Finn and Jake fighting together Jakes special is pretty cool This one is one of my personal favorites Enjoy!: ... 16th May 2017 702
Back Alley : Game Origin of Stage: Vendetta (Arcade) 16th May 2017 26
Mika VQ : A fun VQ/Custom type charecter 17th May 2017 127
Infunny: Stage 3 : Stage 3 from Infunny 17th May 2017 4
Robloxian ver 2.2 : Update of Robloxian 17th May 2017 102
Waves : A joke arena with a bunch of waves 17th May 2017 13
Golem : From the game LittleMaster 17th May 2017 30
Lava Boss : From the game Stone Protectors CPU ONLY if player controller the character is incredibly op 17th May 2017 49
Batcave : Yes from MK vs DC its the Batcave in HR 17th May 2017 171
Valkyrie Stage : Valkyrie stage from Namco Super Heroes 18th May 2017 18
Requiem Final Rail Road Crossing : From Requiem Final, a doujin game. I think this was a stage for KFM And KFG but interesting enough this stage has 2 audio tracks in it. Please Enjoy! 18th May 2017 14
Knights of Banner (Hulk 2099 Stage) : A hulk 2099 stage, a really cool one at that from my personal collection enjoy! 18th May 2017 65
Karda Nui : From the Lego Bionicle 18th May 2017 22
Kung Fu Temple Train : Found this looks promising 18th May 2017 18
Pizzasause : I guess this is supposed to be the author as a character? Im not entirely sure its odd though. 18th May 2017 35
Agony Zone : I like this one alot! enjoy 18th May 2017 10
Orange Moon Stage : I love these space stages especially cool with playing with any of the Lanterns or Symbiotes 18th May 2017 13
Bruce's Kwoon : From Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story An old stage i found on my old laptop 18th May 2017 11
Midnight Train Showdown : ;From Angel Star Road Championship Carnival 2008 18th May 2017 13
Bloodmoon Train Showdown : another stage from Angel Star Road Championship Carnival 2008 only this one is edited 18th May 2017 17
Bob Paige Office : From Deus Ex 3 18th May 2017 14
Akai Maho : From the game Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! from SNK for the nintendo ds enjoy 18th May 2017 174
Lord Genome Planet (Gurren-Lagann) : from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - The Movie: Gurren-Hen 24th May 2017 12
Musashi Stage : From the Last Blade 24th May 2017 86
Arca (Mito Mashiro) : Found on HDD not sure where she is from 31st May 2017 109
Ranma-Chan : From Ranma 1/2 31st May 2017 131
Chang Koehan : The moves are a mix of KOF 2002UM and KOF XI, 1st June 2017 133
Dao Long : From Breakers Revenge 1st June 2017 139
Bendy & Boris : From Bendy and the Ink Machine (Bendy and His partner Boris) Enjoy lads and lasses! a Donald edit 2nd June 2017 574
Xmen Friends of humanity : from the Xmen saturday morning cartoon in the 90s 8th June 2017 57
Nosferatu Graveyard : From the game Nosferatu on SNES 12th June 2017 9
Nosferatu Dracula : another from Nosferatu on SNES 12th June 2017 15
Nosferatu Rocks : From Nosferatu on SNES 12th June 2017 8
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