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    Just making sure but are you Strawberry Bleach on YouTube?
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    Please search before uploading a file because some of your uploads are repeated.
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Having no life
I have none because I have no life
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1.0 for life
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Dee Bee Kaw, D4 Miku, (f♥♥♥ You shes not that bad) Hatsune Miku, Dink Smallwood, Kyouki, Kor_Sans, Too many to list.
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Too many to list lol
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D4 Miku AI Patch : An AI Patch for Souken/Stingers D4 Miku made by Tokage the same guy who made Kyouki. Its a step up from her normal AI not the best but its tough and make D4 Miku into a fun character to fight instead of a punching bag. (https://www.youtube.com/watch? ... 21st August 2017 15
Gurospooo AI Patch : I FINALLY found Gurospooo's AI Patch after a long journey of looking through websites (which most likely gave me viruses) and Souken accounts that have scarred me for life I found it and it was made by EFB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuzdWpTD6 ... 21st August 2017 35
Zoomekun : This is a character by Souken that I found on my journey when I was trying to find the AI Patches for D4 miku and Gurospooo. It is a 6 button character (unlike the 4 button characters Souken usually makes) however it is a W.I.P and some sprites are not co ... 23rd August 2017 132
NormalSpooo : Normal Spooo by 條天 I have no idea what that says, whatever doesn't matter. Normal Spooo is a 3 button character that is very fast and kinda broken if played well. This is form the Japanese children痴 TV program Okaasan to Issho the same pla ... 23rd August 2017 55
Green Meadows : 28th August 2017 9
Turf : Turf is a 6 button character that is the only character that I know of that has 4 creators. Turf is a Bunchie, strange lama like creatures, and they were an old meme years ago. Turf has the unique ability that his power meteor will gain power on his own v ... 29th August 2017 167
CV Wakamoto (With AI Patched) : I know this character has been uploaded on here before so I dont need to explain him but those are the old versions of him this one has a AI patch making him very brutal and has a lot of moves so he's fun to play as well. He may seem creepy but he's a rea ... 30th August 2017 50
Tanuki : Because the Mugen Arcive took some of the stuff I uploaded and gave them to someone else I dont feel like explaining Tanuki, I will let this one be a wild card 4th September 2017 48
WanWan : WanWan is a 6 Button Character by Mith, He is a dog with not that much of a move set besides rushing the opinion down with EX moves. His AI Is average and I have no Idea where he is from he looks like a children show mascot. 23rd September 2017 16
domokun : Domokun is a 5 (6 if you include taunt) Button Character by Y, Domokun is a mascot for Japan's public broadcaster NHK. Domokun is CHEAP when you play as him, you are able to spam fireball to lock the opinion into the corner or just mash the punch button u ... 23rd September 2017 46
Pisaca : Pisaci is a 4 button character made by tukimoon. It originates from a game called Megami Tensei but bears a different name "Pisaca" and are nothing more then basic enemies in that game however in MUGEN they are a force to be reckoned with, armed with lots ... 3rd October 2017 22
Planet Earth : Not Much to say but its a stage of earth I dont think its from anything and I dont know why its called Planet Earth 4th October 2017 35
Brian Griffin's AI Patch : An AI Patch for [IN]famous Brian Griffin theirs some bugs but it works at least 30th October 2017 11
Kappa Lake : This is a stage from Nijikaku called Kappa Lake. Its the home stage for the character Kuu (Kappa). 13th October 2017 7
Spooo first realease (Eats kids) : I know Gurospooo was uploaded on here before however read this before deleting this file. This is the first version of Gurospooo originally named Spooo and it used to eat kids instead of anime girls however Souken sometime later took Spooo and renamed him ... 19th October 2017 18
Nukenin : Nukenin or Shedinja in English, is a 5 button character made by しらんな。 (who ever that is). This version is a little different then most because its cheap and overpowering to most characters, and is mostly made to fight cheap characters. It has a range ... 5th November 2017 45
Chample/Chanpuru Sprites : Found sprites to Chample/Chanpuru from Samurai Shodown 6. You know the same ones Souken used to make his but without the weird stuff that he drew himself. While Souken's Version isn't horrible, I would like to see a source accutrce Chanpuru so if anyone ... 18th November 2017 4
[18+] Ripps : Ripps is a 6 button character made by Necro, and is my first [18+] char I am uploading and reviewing, dont I feel special. He is a very slow character that can not jump or crouch, also his move set is ALL throws/grabs he has no punch or kick making him un ... 19th November 2017 326
AgeAgeAgain! : This is a Vocaloid stage for Mikudayo- its pretty big but not that much animations if any at all. This stage does have music and its アゲアゲアゲイン Ageage Again by Hatsune Miku. I dont know where to put th ... 6th December 2017 7
Shizuo-AX : Shizuo-AX is a character made by 阿修-克里门森 (whoever that is), He is a AI only character so not playable I think there is a way to make him playable but I dont know how. He is very cheap and has higher stats then the ... 18th December 2017 36
YajyuImouto AI Patch : This is an AI Patch for YajyuImouto made by Meitoru..... Yes that one, the one your seen in your nightmares, the one with the creepy hypers and Donalddesu's Ronald Hates and will kill in a gory fashion if pitted against him. This AI patch doesn't help wit ... 31st December 2017 4
EVE B.C : EVE B.C (Yami) is a 4 button Character made by Z.A.I. She comes form an h♥♥♥ai anime named To Love-Ru, HOWEVER this Eve is 100% Safe For Work so you have nothing to worry about. She is very combo heavy and a fast character to get used to ... 31st December 2017 22
EVE B.C (Yami) AI Patch : This is a AI Patch for EVE B.C by Z.A.I. This AI Patch make Eve very brutal and kinda cheap so have fun For this Char https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=76993-eve-b-c-yami-z-a-i- 31st December 2017 4
Brawl Man : Brawl Man is a 6 button character that was made by Joey Faust. He is original as far as I know and comes form a full game also made by Joey Faust (I forgot the name because im stupid lol). Brawl Man is wider then a normal character making hitting him easi ... 7th January 2018 6
Bitch-Final : I got this file by a friend and he say it was not private so.... Bitch-Final is a 6 button character made by Achille, and I have to say this has to be one of the most weirdest characters I have ever seen, everything from the sprites to the attacks are so ... 7th January 2018 18