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  1. I don't know anything about Nefreopitou1's stuff and I haven't found the rest of HCL's stuff yet either. But I'm still searching. I'll be uploading some more Mugen vids soon.
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    Man I really hope you find those missing HCL characters. And can I see video about Nefreopitou1's SSBM characters? Apparently they are like HCL's characters but instead they use melee screenshots. Apparently they are listed on the SSB < > collection as missing and I would just like to see a preview of them. If that exists that is.
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Imoge (Potato) : An original character from the Futaba Channel, 2chan, originally from the Mugen Fullgame Nijikaku, he's a small living potato creature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcxr0KtuEpI 24th January 2016 77
Nattou-Men : A strange living egg creature who's an orginal 2ch character based off the dish Natou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq_SPOiTaxo 29th August 2016 28
Balkan : A Pocky Box Robot based off Windows 98/SE, he's been around since last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REEPUHkKxUg 29th August 2016 66
Hidoi-san edit : My edited version of that poor maid, now she can fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvRMGyGQQGk 29th August 2016 61
Mikudayo : A small stage with characters like Black Rock Shooter and other Nico mascots. https://i.imgur.com/Nyb2wMC.png 29th August 2016 13
Bakumatsu Kora : Bakumatsu Kora (幕末コラ) is a unique character from the Mugen fullgame Nijikaku. A still samurai, Baku attacks with kicks, slashes, and other unexpected techniques. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvlH0wn9xv0 8th September 2016 34
Getsuyoubi : Getsuyoubi (げつようび) Hiragana format (月曜日) Kanji format is another unique character from the creative minds of Nijikaku who's literally made out of words. Getsuyoubi, in English means Monday and can al ... 8th September 2016 47
Sagawa : Another creative Nijikaku character who's the mascot of Sagawa Express Co, Ltd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwbsNZVheuk 8th September 2016 76
Urisk-Peallaidh : A unique Nijikaku character who's a living barrel, he's associated with the song All I Want by The Offspring and î⌐=3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqvu6yhXw4o 8th September 2016 45
Sotai-San : A unique Nijiura Maid who morphs into other Nijiura Maids and uses her clay-like body to fight. She's low res and high res. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J72m0cRlsh8 8th September 2016 37
SPARK BOY : Sparkboy is an interesting and out of place character from Nijikaku, He's an old 50's style robot and needs power for his moves, press Start or your taunt button to charge up power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WUX42YLHHI 8th September 2016 52
Arajin God MKII : Another version of the Arajin Goddess in a different style. 22nd June 2017 67
C/Tsu by shimon : Another version of Tsu, the 2ch ASCII box cat, by Shimon. 22nd June 2017 107
Moraler (Morara) : An edit of Omae Mona- with KOF hitsparks. 22nd June 2017 149
Real Risty : An older version of Risty with an amazing AI. 22nd June 2017 162
Tanaka : An original character who turns into a penguin. 22nd June 2017 57
Cloudis : One of Janeco's original characters who fights throwing gears at her opponents. 22nd June 2017 128
MAMAN on the HASHIRA : MAMAN, riding a HASHIRA. A weird vehicle character. 22nd June 2017 37
DokuganP : A 2ch meme that tries to be like Date Masamune. 24th June 2017 67
Rinn : A strange Chun-Li edit that can literally pause the game. 24th June 2017 74
Actman : 24th June 2017 23
Heika-SS : It's Torinomias the 3rd. AKA the Real Heika (Emperor) 24th June 2017 49
Boss Imoge : The all powerful Boss Imoge! A cute 2ch character from the Dat Board. 24th June 2017 15
Imouto No Otto : A very interesting fellow. 24th June 2017 34
Ms. Ke-Ne (Game & Watch x Touhou) : Keine in her hakutaku form, riding a Flat Zone 2 Ambulance, I love that this is a character. 24th June 2017 36
KINOPIO : This version of Toad throws white balls and will try to grab you often. 24th June 2017 44
Luca Licolas : A boy who has combos for days. Also an animal lover. 24th June 2017 121
Matyupityu : Strange white blob character, the Matyupityu is a mystery. 24th June 2017 31
Moo : One of those elusive chars from Sano's videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5loTXxn5VLA&t=5s 24th June 2017 118
Phoenix Wright : The infamous Phoenix Wright char. 24th June 2017 275
Perm Chief : One odd character. He's a man in a circle, and reminds me of a comic series. 24th June 2017 26
Tanya : An edit of Ryoko who's very swift and is a grappler. 24th June 2017 256
Temtan : Cool little 2ch Tv dude. 24th June 2017 140
yukkubi Schezo? : 24th June 2017 20
Yasai : a fighting vegetable 24th June 2017 51
Cheng (Truck) : 26th June 2017 60
Kobun Knight : 26th June 2017 27
Okotowarishimas : Okotowarishimasu! An elusive 2ch novelty character, his dash is also an attack. 26th June 2017 37
Ositi : A chicken lady. 26th June 2017 83
Tonfa- 8tohsin : A 2Chan cat who fights with a Tong Fa, a martial arts weapon. Also includes the previous version of Tonfa as a bonus. 26th June 2017 45
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