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    Yeah, just wanted to point it out to ya since I wasn't sure if you knew the video existed.
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    Your Mugen game thing was featured by Pikasprey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPMDsSxnM_o
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    @YochiThMaster333, i not do a shit again.
  4. @thebootlegs170 Alright, I'll forgive you. I was busy at bit.
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    are you listen to me, i say sorry
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    Man you're so fat yochi. I can tell just by creditble sources such as TheBootlegs
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    @OliverTEENAGER13 or its just hes already bootlegs "friend"
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    I sorry YochiThMaster333, can i be your friend, i sorry
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    Okey OliverTEENAGER13 i going to say sorry to YochiThMaster333
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    Bootlegs, if he's not answering, then there's these reasons.
    1) He's busy with something else.
    2) You're annoying him to keep saying to be his friend.
    3) He blocked you.
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    Mom well kiss your butt
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    Hey fatass are you listen, can i be your friend!
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    can i be your friend
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    Stop that, Bootlegs
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June 27, 2001 (16)
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M.U.G.E.N, Pokemon, Sonic
Game Modding, Making M.U.G.E.N characters
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M.U.G.E.N 1.0
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Eevee, Tails, Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Amy, Cream and many others
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Sonic and Pokemon stages
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Windows 10
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Fighting SMB2 Toad (Complete) : This is my first spriteswap with Paper Mario, bugs with sprites not found, but he has quite voice... - Blue Toad has fighting stance (Original Was from NSMB Custom Sprited 16bit Blue Toad from Exploding Rabbit Wikia) - One of attacks toad becomes with p ... 7th July 2014 163
Daisy : 7th July 2014 329
SMBZ SMAS Mario : This is SpriteSwap of Shazzo's Paper Mario... He hasnt bugs with sprites and sounds... 7th July 2014 106
Wario : This is SpriteSwap from Shazzo's Paper Mario. He has commands look-a-like Shazzo's Paper Mario. Quad Fireball's Wario Clothes become with white shirt and yellow overalls (Same it works with Original Fireball, using: v,>, Z) Fireball: v,>, X or Y or Z ... 7th July 2014 128
Mario Retro Styled : This is my NES SMB Recolored Mario, edited with https://pixlr.com/editor/ (Link for Pixlr Editor) Has Same Commands, like toad or wario or SMBZ SMAS Mario or Paper Mario, Luigi, Daisy etc... v>XYZ - Fireball v>v>XYZ - Quad Fireball v>v>ABC - Super Com ... 7th July 2014 158
SMW Omega Yoshi : This Is my next character from Super Mario World: Yoshi in Omega Style! I edited from fireballs to thunderballs (aka Electric) Electric: v>XYZ Quad Electric: v>v>XYZ Super Combo: v>v>ABC 8th July 2014 83
Ling Xiaoyu : 8th July 2014 762
Kart Fighter Daisy : I made Kart Fighter daisy, Within Daisy Sounds by Ernesto G. Perez, Pallete, Portrait and Select Portrait by me! (Sorry for pallete because loading booring and daisy's palette is SAME!) YochiThMaster333(Palette), Big Eli King(Original), Ernesto G. Per ... 7th August 2014 175
MK2 Snake : Sorry, i uploaded empty zip, Now i uploaded MK2 Snake (LOL Babality Fatality is BlueCSkinned Baby Cage) 14th August 2014 584
MK2 Inferno : My next is INFERNO 14th August 2014 739
Cream.EXE : Symbiote Cream (Aka Cream.EXE) Returned! 24th September 2014 225
Classic Knuckles : I have Classic Knux from sonic but earler is unfinished and i fixed it (crouch attacks and more!) In intro he says: Bring on! 13th October 2014 277
Classic Amy Rose : This is my amy rose from sonic CD 15th October 2014 147
3D SSB Mario : Thanks for MFGG users for sprites and icons! And thanks for Shazzo The Hedgehog for Template (Paper Mario) 15th October 2014 667
3D SSB Luigi : 3D Sprites luigi by artie and Mugshots and icons by Ragey! Thank you! 17th October 2014 539
Classic Amy Rose {WinMUGEN} : Earlier, Amy works only in MUGEN 1.0! Now she Works and in WINMUGEN! Yaaay! (+ Angel Island Zone act 2 stage) 19th October 2014 150
Dr Mario : My New Dr Mario with SuperSmash Bros Melee Portrait! Works on MUGEN 1.0 and newer! It's better than Ivan Luiz's, Pingurules's (YouTube name is Len1million) and MarioPingasRobotnik's versions! 12th November 2014 210
Pingurules Dr Mario edit : Made by pingurules and edited by me :smile: 12th November 2014 82
Luigi (FINAL Version) : BETA: No Clsn2 in Special Moves 1 & 2 Bug with Recovery rolls FINAL: Clsn2 andded in Special Moves 1 & 2 Recovery Roll bug fixed! 15th November 2014 141
Fighting Luigi Edit : -------------------------------------------------------------- Fighting Luigi Edit By Yochi Original By Dr. Your Mom (Or Chaseallendiaz) (or easier Diaz) -------------------------------------------------------------- Original: No Hyper 2 Rolls wa ... 15th November 2014 280
Rosalina : MvC Styled (Rosetta named as Rosalina as Japan) 16th November 2014 263
Mario (Brawl Styled) : MvC Style "Let's a go!" 17th November 2014 997
Bombette (MvC Style) : From Paper Mario. With Her History.txt file inside! Uses peach and bobomb sounds. (bug with bobomb sound because I downloaded from The Mushroom Kingdom Resourses Site and it's very quite) Two sound files: EoH.snd and EoHFinal.snd (Default). I think, ... 18th November 2014 352
Yoshi Collection : What contains: Stereo Yoshi: Black Yoshi (edit of New Mike S. Densky's Yoshi) Gum Version 3 (GumV3) MegaYoshi (megamanyoshi) 6 buttoned new Yoshi: Original Mike's Yoshi (yoshi3revbeta) MysterVore88's Edit (yoshi3rev) 6 buttoned old Yoshi: Origina ... 21st November 2014 267
Yoshi : My old yoshi edit, which original by mike, edited sprites, constants, anims and sounds! 22nd November 2014 150
Toad KF (Old Ver./BETA) : Another Toad with MKDD and Liu Kang Sounds and Kart Fighter Sprites (Some are ripped from Random Ninja's Version and edited from Paint.NET) 22nd November 2014 159
Sonic : My Custom Sonic (Shadow Sprites are unused) (Cmon and Step It Up sounds are unused) 23rd November 2014 329
Melee - BattleField : I'm Using Tekken 2 SNES Pirate - Heihachi Stage Template and Final Destination Music 25th November 2014 93
-Z- : -Z- Ripped from Sonic Speed Fighters II and he has edited shadow sprites. 27th November 2014 168
Amy Rose (New) : Sonic... Check Classic Amy... Check Modern Amy... nvm I made for you! 27th November 2014 226
Super Flat Zone : Uses Tekken 2 SNES Jun Stage Template and Uses two sprites instead of one: sprite 0,0 - background sprite 1,1 - frame/foreground 28th November 2014 166
Metal Mario Kart : -Note: He is spriteswap, animswap and soundswap of Hotel Luigi by Gruntzilla- -Another Note: Mono, Quiet and Low Quality Sounds- 18th December 2014 95
Goomba (Copy from this file) : This is Goomba. It's retard and uses kick only... 18th December 2014 97
Wario (Updated) : My second wario, with WarioWare Costume. Better jakob the cool's versions. Sprites made by Ted and Me! Uses pocket template. Uses soundpack from 3DS/Wii U/Brawl. Soundpack made by SNS and Me! SNS Brawl Chars they corrupted because: Crappy quality fo ... 15th January 2015 124
Cosmo the Seedrian : This version of Cosmo is better than Mugenfan's version. It also features some original moves and a voice that does not sound like it was from the TV series; it sounds more like that of a female anime character. It also has hypers which Mugenfan's Cosmo d ... 15th January 2015 249
Cream The Rabbit : One of the better versions of Cream the Rabbit, Latroy6's version is a bit clumsy to use and can be easily cornered in certain situations due to their slower-than-average offensive capabilities, an issue which is further compounded by their more powerful ... 16th January 2015 212
Cream The Rabbit : Cream The Rabbit by YochiThMaster333 She has 3 specials and 2 hypers Codes: QCF - 1/4 Circle foward (D, DF, F) QCB - 1/4 circle backward (D, DB, B) Special Moves: Fire Spit - QCF, X or Y Spinning Kick - QCB, X or Y Bounce Ear Clap - QCF, A o ... 16th January 2015 242
Yoshi Edits : Yoshi Edits by YochiThMaster333 Original by MikeS.Densky Yoshi (Green): Edited Yoshi Stampede Edited Stance MOAR Sounds and Animations! Added Bodyparts Kenzi (Beige): Almost copy Yoshi, but... He uses beige pallete (kfm.act) and Ken voicepack ... 17th January 2015 781
Dr. Mario : This char is better than my version. This char uses Warner's (N64Mario's) Luigi as a base. THis version uses Ivan Luiz sprites. His moves based on SSBM and SSB4. 13th March 2015 175
Pikachu Edit : This is edit of XGargoyle's Version. This version has some fixes: Deleted state -2 Sprite Issues Fixed Command and constants issue fixed Works on WinMUGEN (I think) and MUGEN 1.0. Freezing game bug fixed. Used dos2win.exe to convert from DOS to WinM ... 13th March 2015 244
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