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    mah... avevo 87 messaggi, non pensavo si riempisse così presto boh, ripulita l'inbox prova a rimandare
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Uchiha Itachi : Itachi by LegendTTA aka Tomcsi 19th May 2017 741
Edo Madara : Last version of Uchiha Madara by LegendTTA. Amazing gameplay, one of my favorite. Have fun! 19th May 2017 1,280
T-Madara : First Uchiha Madara by good old Tomcsi (LegendTTA) 19th May 2017 298
Hokage Naruto : 19th May 2017 2,242
Clone Kyo Blood : Some crazy Kyo edid. There's a Yagami/Iori as well in the archive. Kinda cheap too :boxing: 19th May 2017 483
Vegeta Transform 2.2 : MUGEN 1.1 ONLY This version can go ssj blue too by pressing down and Z. It was meant to be for MUGEN 1.0, but for preventing edits (which he isn't a big fan of) Tomcsi turned it into 1.1 only, which btw it was useless since people managed to edit a ... 22nd May 2017 396
Vegeta Transform 3 : Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super with a different combo system. Can go ssj and blue. ENJOY! 22nd May 2017 427
Siburin : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZIYsuKqgus 4th June 2017 47
FNAF (Minigame) : Here's a little minigame I found on a Korean(?) website, was kinda tricky but I managed it. The plot is pretty similar to the original series, you must survive all nights to win. The journal text are in korean, but its no big deal since it's pretty in ... 4th September 2017 2,144
Frieza : https://youtu.be/OBAunokH67s Special moves: Deathbeam: X+Start Deathball: Y+Start Deathsaucer: A+Start Death cannon: B+Start Golden Dorm: C+Start Shockwave: Z (while guarding) Teleport: Z+Left/Right Ki blast: Z Charge: Start ... 16th November 2017 409
Cabba : At long last, my first release. https://youtu.be/5AI908cIsBE Credits: Fx by Mikel8888 and LegendTTA, Cabba sprites by Joe Flizz (Head and minor edits by me) Huge thanks to DA MAN LegendTTA for his big support. 19th September 2017 783
paprusus : So i found this kinda freaky skeleton in a website, I'm not sure if its a fan character, but since i don't quite find any in game footage, i guess it is? There was another black skeleton but i wasn't able to get him since the ads were everywhere. Can't do ... 29th September 2017 201
Ultimate Gohan : https://youtu.be/W8kEhmrFe3U 4th June 2018 746
Vegeta SSJ5 : https://youtu.be/QR3Acqmkz2E 4th July 2018 943
Jiren : I kinda rushed it so, yeah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQl5VMSM5uA&feature=youtu.be Credits: Jiren spritesheet by Benjamin Jiren voice clips and some sounds: Mikel8888 Fx: Mikel8888 ,david11, Sektor, TTA. 9th August 2018 1,787
Vegeta SSJ God : Probably my best char so far. You can find the movelist in the description. https://youtu.be/tmXGbZ3UhaM 17th February 2019 639