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arthur : nobody uploaded this one so i did its not a good charater :uhuh::shock_jaw_drop: 18th January 2017 29
mermaid man : my first mugen char :very_good::laugh::grin::smile::dirol: also he does have hit sounds and a death sound but there just quiet you have to turn up your volume so yeah meh first char but i cant code and it uses the eoh template because i cant code i watch ... 19th February 2017 127
elmo : so i tried to make a good elmo also that blue thing that he attacks with is his blanket from elmo in grouchland 10th March 2017 123
sticky the stickman : a test of coding i dont know how to add moves but i know how to edit moves also this is a edit of mvc kfm 27th March 2017 15
annoying orange stage : my first stage 4th April 2017 27
Billy : so this is billy in mugen i scrapped this because a user named camren springer is making a version of him 6th April 2017 30
sticky : he has been updated also he still is cringey 7th April 2017 20
strong bad : i made a thing and its a okay thing 13th April 2017 16
strong bad update : yah so i updated him to make him a bit easier also i want to make good characters but i cant code well and i only can edit moves and cant add moves so there going to be the same as this and i know that there going to be bad but the template im going to us ... 15th April 2017 15
EoH Template Edit : things changed electocuted animation now has a name and hit animations now have hitboxes =Update 27 apr 2017= update does: adds wlanmaniax footsteps please find sound codes that are like this and change the number like this: [State 20, PlaySnd] t ... 17th April 2017 116
strong bad (Final Update?) : i am actually proud of this sorry if this is cheap:very_good::very_good::clapping::clapping: 28th April 2017 35
adam savage : zobbes scrapped him so i made him and he is from mythbusters sprites by me 7th May 2017 13
jamie hyneman : wandering why he is the same as adam? because i have no ideas for moves he also came from mythbusters and he has less sounds to be just as lifeless as he is in the show sprites by me 7th May 2017 15
George Goodlake : the newist version!:grin::laugh: 11th June 2017 36
Vinnie Gill : Vinnie is Georges Best Friend And is Also BeanFan112 George is Wlanmaniax also this is the newist version!:grin::laugh: 11th June 2017 66
Primpall Dominguez : The Bully also The Newist Version!:grin::laugh: 11th June 2017 50
Stupid Ass Robotnik : a stupid edit of robotnik i made while i was bored 12th June 2017 6
Stupid Ass Robotnik Update : I Hate This: now with terrible tracks! 12th June 2017 17