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To Love-Ru Intro : To Love-Ru Intro, created by Alex_Mugen. 24th May 2017 30
Mugen AI Tournament VII Intro : This is an intro for Mugen AI Tournament VII. The intro can also be seen on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0LDLRzTYvw 24th May 2017 109
Eclipse : Eclipse stage by MOTVN with collaboration by Dissidia. 8th June 2017 100
Launch Tunnel : Launch Tunnel stage by MOTVN. 3/14/2010 version. From his readme: ----- Last year after making Stealth and Pulse I found a 3D looping tunnel on movietools.info but it was too shiny and slow moving for my taste a year later Profylebryon ... 8th June 2017 37
Pulse : Pluse stage by MOTVN 8th June 2017 36
Red Light : Red Light stage by MOTVN, dated 2/24/2010. This version has Luna Himeki on the bike. There is an earlier version without her on the bike. 8th June 2017 35
Red Light Remix : Red Light Remix stage by MOTVN and HankVenture. Despite the name "remix" this is an earlier version of the stage, without Luna Himeki on the bike. 8th June 2017 27
Zen : Zen stage by MOTVN, dated 2/24/2010. 8th June 2017 31
Element : Element stage Alpha Concept Test 2, by MOTVN, SyN, NoZ, and Dissidia 8th June 2017 39
Twilight Goddess : Twilight Goddess stage by MOTVN. Fight on the wings of Morrigan. This is the safe-for-work version that does not show any nudity. 8th June 2017 50
Troublesome Kunoichi Rebirth : This is the Troublesome Kunoichi - Rebirth stage by MOTVN. There are several versions of this stage. This is the "Rebirth" version, dated 11/17/2008. There is a small intro to the stage. Like the later versions, it has superjump also (unlike earlier v ... 8th June 2017 14
Troublesome Kunoichi Remastered : Troublesome Kunoichi Remastered stage, by MOTVN. This is the "Remastered" version, dated 4/17/2009. It is hi-res and has superjump. The stage does not have any snow effects, and as a result the background setting changes color (gray, purple, red, and y ... 8th June 2017 18
Troublesome Kunoichi Snowfall : Troublesome Kunoichi Snowfall stage, by MOTVN. This "Snowfall" version is dated 9/1/2009. It is essentially similar to the final version of Troublesome Kunoichi, with full snow effects (the background is always gray and does not change color) and snow o ... 8th June 2017 24
Troublesome Kunoichi : Final version of Troublesome Kunoichi stage by MOTVN, dated 2/24/2010. This version of Troublesome Kunoichi has 25 cars and full snow effects (the background always stays gray). It is very similar to Troublesome Kunoichi Snowfall, except that there are ... 8th June 2017 29
Troublesome Kunoichi Sprite Pack : Sprite pack for all versions of Troublesome Kunoichi (aka: Troublesome Kunoichi II). This sprite pack was from requests on MOTVN's forum for customized train cars. The sprites here can be used to swap out the cars in the SFF file of the Troublesome Kun ... 8th June 2017 10
TK3 Troublesome Kunoichi - New York : TK3 NYC HR stage, aka Troublesome Kunoichi In New York - High Resolution. Stage by MOTVN, Dc414, Aristotle, and xGUTSx. Fight in a New York City Subway as the subway train cars painted with graffiti pass by. Two trains with 10 cars each. This ve ... 8th June 2017 53
TK3 Troublesome Kunoichi NY Sprites : Sprite Pack for TK3 Troublesome Kunoichi In New York. 44 various subway cars that can be used to swap out the originals from the TK3 Troublesome Kunoichi NYC stage. Instructions included, as well as PCX files and PNG previews. 8th June 2017 6
Alpha Storm Beta 2 Screenpack : Alpha Storm Beta 2 Screenpack for WinMugen Plus, created By GlassBox. This is the original Alpha Storm Beta 2 screenpack by glassbox, unedited. It was originally released on 6/6/2008. It's one of the best screenpacks for mugen that I've seen - impressi ... 9th June 2017 152
Alpha Storm HD Screenpack : Alpha Storm HD Screenpack - 6/9/2017 built from the orginial Alpha Storm Beta 2 Screenpack - 6/8/2008. ----- Alpha Storm HD Screenpack for Mugen 1.1, 1280x720p only. This is an edited version of glassbox's Alpha Storm Beta 2 Screenpack, which ... 9th June 2017 99
G-String Karin : Edit of Juke Kisaragi's Karin, G-string Karin. It means what it means. 9th June 2017 138
AI by Eruk for Eternal Fighter Zero : AI made by Eruk for Kanon and other characters from Eternal Fighter Zero that were made by 586 and one by frule. This pack contains merely the AI and not the characters. Included AI for: Ayu Tsukimiya, by 586 Ikumi Amasawa, by 586 Mai Kawasumi, b ... 9th June 2017 39