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Guido Mista (ASB/EoH, edited) : In order to compensate for my awful efforts on the other Mista that I edited, here's the new one: - Specials can be performed with B - Simplified moves: "Boulder smash" = (Down, back, B) and "Sex Pistols!" = (Forward, down, forward, B) - Better sounds ... 2nd July 2017 1,516
Guido Mista (ASB, edited) : Amarimono's Guido Mista, but with: - New portrait - Minor changes to Giorno - ASB sound patch - Hypers can now be performed with B (E.G. Down, forward, B) - Movelist included ENJOY! :grin: 24th May 2017 380
Polnareff (PS2 Vento Aureo Voice) : I took Nimame's Polnareff, fixed the portrait and added the voice from Heal The World's Polnareff from part 5. Enjoy! :smile: 4th April 2017 259
OLD Kujo Jotaro (ASB, edited) : Latest version of Jotaro but with: - A simplified time stop (Forward, Down, Forward, Stand) - Some edited sounds from the anime Enjoy! :grin: (THIS IS AN OLDER VERSION) 4th April 2017 371
OLD DIO (ASB, edited) : Normal DIO, but with: - The World recolour - New sound effect for timestop - Simplified timestop (Forward, Down, Forward, Stand) - Simplified Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (Down, Forward, C) Enjoy! :laugh: (THIS IS AN OLDER VERSION) 5th April 2017 696
Kujo Jotaro (Part 4, ASB, Edited) : I took y.y's Jotaro from Part 4 and added: - A simplified timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - Voice from ASB and the anime - Fixed bullet move, now press C to use it! - Fixed weird button layout *THIS JOTARO IS STILL VERY BUGGY, SO DON'T TRY ... 18th April 2017 1,050
Updated DIO (ASB, edited) : Updated my old DIO with: - New palette - New MUDAMUDAMUDA Enjoy! :smile: 29th April 2017 657
Updated Kujo Jotaro (ASB, edited) : Updated my old Jotaro with better sounds. ENJOY! :grin: (This is an older version) 30th April 2017 733
Polnareff (ASB/EoH, edited) : Nimame's Polnareff, but with: - Slightly different look - Sounds ripped from ASB and EoH Enjoy! :very_good: 3rd May 2017 564
Higashikata Josuke (Anime Voice) : グレートですよ、コイツは! The latest version of Josuke but with his anime voice. Came out alright, but not the best... :so_sorry: Some of the sounds are still from ASB, as ... 5th May 2017 957
Kira Yoshikage (ASB, edited) : Kira Yoshikage but with: - A fixed portrait and photo - A couple of better sounds from the anime Enjoy! :laugh: 8th May 2017 623
Updated Jotaro (P.4, ASB, edited) : Updated my part 4 Jotaro with: - Edited bullet move (Forward, down, forward, C) - Higher quality sounds Enjoy! :smile: NOTE: Bugs are still here, not sure how to fix them :cray: (This is an older version) 9th May 2017 222
Final Jotaro Kujo (ASB, Edited) : The last update for Jotaro: - 2 new ORAORAORAs - Simplified timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - Some edited sounds for timestop, encountering DIO and some others. Enjoy! 12th May 2017 2,391
Final Jotaro Kujo (ASB/Edited/Pt4) : The final update for Part 4 Jotaro: - New ORAORA - New Koichi - New Jolyne - Simplified timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - All Star Battle sound patch - Fixed bullet move (Forward, down, forward, C) ENJOY! :grin: NOTE: If anybody knows ... 12th May 2017 816
Final Kira Yoshikage (ASB, edited) : The final update for Kira Yoshikage: - Almost completely redone sounds - New sprite for Sheer Heart Attack Enjoy! :laugh: 16th May 2017 1,856
Joseph Joestar (ASB, edited) : I edited Nimame's Joseph to have an ASB voice patch and a simplified clacker boomerang (Down, back, A). ENJOY! :laugh: 16th May 2017 1,335
Requiem Giorno (ASB, edited) : Requiem Giorno but with: - A better sound patch - Less overpowered damage - A move list included ENJOY! :grin: 17th May 2017 535
Bruno Bucciarati (ASB/EoH, edited) : Amarimono's Bruno Bucciarati, but with: - Sound patch with sounds from both Eyes Of Heaven and All Star Battle - Supers can now be performed with B (E.g. Down, foward B) - New portrait and palette for Bruno ENJOY! :laugh: :laugh: 18th May 2017 729
Ultimate Kars (ASB, edited) : Ultimate Kars, but with: - A new portrait - Many sounds from ASB - Less OP damage output ENJOY! :grin: 20th May 2017 882
Enrico Pucci (ASB, edited) : The latest version of Pucci with C-MOON and MADE IN HEAVEN but with: - Improved sound effects - Simplified transformation to the next stand (Foward, down, forward, A) ENJOY! :laugh: 23rd May 2017 1,565
Final Requiem Giorno (ASB, edited) : The last update for Requiem Giorno: - Updated sounds - Updated movelist ENJOY!! :grin: https://youtu.be/euRPC2LujNg 25th May 2017 1,513
Final Polnareff (EoH/ASB, edited) : The final update for Polnareff: - New portrait - Slight recolour - Revamped sounds, with many from Eyes Of Heaven - A move list included ENJOY! :grin: https://youtu.be/hpr5w-rmc7o 28th May 2017 1,044
Vanilla Ice (EoH/Anime, edited) : I took Warusaki3's Vanilla Ice and added: - A fixed stand bar - Voice patch from the anime and Eyes Of Heaven (Yes, I know that it's the same voice actor as the original :grin: ) - A recolour to make him more accurate - A movelist included ENJOY! ... 30th May 2017 904
Final DIO (ASB, edited) : The final update for DIO, not the character "Final DIO" :grin: - Recolour that I couldn't find on this website - New MUDA MUDA MUDA - Simplified timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - Simplified space ripper stingy eyes (Forward, down, forward, ... 31st May 2017 1,446
Diavolo (ASB, edited) : Diavolo by IF, but I added an ASB voice patch. I don't know why. Also, I added a new portrait. Enjoy...? :no_clue: https://youtu.be/D_wRMUFtrwk 8th June 2017 844
Pannacotta Fugo (ASB, edited) : The lastest version of Amarimono's Fugo, but: - Edited to have his old virus moves back - Updated sound effects - New portrait ENJOY! :grin: https://youtu.be/qhBAfZ4c1ZU 8th June 2017 408
Jotaro Kujo (P.4, ASB, fixed) : Part 4 Jotaro but the bugs have finally been fixed by highflyer. Includes all of the features that my previous edits of him contained, plus a few extras. ENJOY!! :grin::grin::grin: https://youtu.be/YidzXmGqIzI 13th June 2017 2,006
Shadow Diavolo (ASB, edited) : Amarimono's Shadow Diavolo from All Star Battle, but I gave King Crimson the recolour that he so dearly needed. ENJOY!! :smile: https://youtu.be/WsumuO3j3GA 18th June 2017 2,031
Will. A. Zeppeli (ASB/EoH, edited) : The latest version of Will Zeppeli, but with: - Updated sounds - Fixed voices - Fixed portrait - Fixed weird button layout - Some updated sprites ENJOY!! :grin::grin: https://youtu.be/m2cmcL30pFU 18th June 2017 949
Final Bruno Bucciarati (EoH,edited) : The final version of Amarimono's Bruno Bucciarati: - A slight recolour - New ARIARIARI - Almost completely redone sounds - Specials can be performed with b (E.G. Down, Forward, b) - New portrait ENJOY! :laugh: https://youtu.be/rboW8ovakO0 ... 18th June 2017 1,844
JJBA ASB/EoH Announcer : I made this custom ASB and EoH Announcer Voice from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, using The Sounds Resource. Enjoy! :grin: 24th June 2017 353
Black Polnareff (UPDATED) : The latest version of Black Polnareff, but: - Updated special move flash - Updated and more high quality sounds - A slight recolour for Chariot - Fixed arcade storyboard - Fixed portraits - Slightly widened sprite for Polnareff ENJOY! :grin: h ... 25th June 2017 1,078
Final Fugo (ASB, edited) : The final version of Fugo: - New intros and win poses - Added recolour of Purple Haze made by Risotto and edited Fugo to make him orange - Old virus moves can be used again - Removed virus capsule limit to make him even more OP ENJOY! :grin: 12th July 2017 1,169
Muhammad Avdol (EoH, edited) : Nimame's Avdol with Doopop's recolour, but with an EoH voice patch. ENJOY! :grin: 19th July 2017 2,169
Final Ultimate Kars (ASB, edited) : The last version of Ultimate Kars: - Updated sounds without BGM - Hitsparks from JoJo's - Simplified move "Bullets of wings!" (Down, forward, X/Y/Z) ENJOY!:grin: 19th July 2017 3,639
DIO Part 6 (ASB, edited) : IDEA FROM GABRIEL J. JOESTAR This is an offline version of DIO, but I edited it to have an ASB voice patch, some updated animations, fixed button layout and a recolour. ENJOY! :grin: 20th July 2017 807
Josuke (UPDATED Anime Voice) : I improved my old Josuke anime voice patch with newer and better sounds. ENJOY! :laugh: 22nd July 2017 2,224
Kira Yoshikage (Extra Update) : I uploaded the final version, but I felt like it could be improved further! Now featuring a recolour of his suit to make it more faithful to the anime and the EoH game. Also, a new portrait from EoH as well. ENJOY! :grin: 22nd July 2017 2,453