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    Is it safe to assume that ZIP Files are much better than .rar ?
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    Decided to report that video
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    I dont know.
    Theres like some creations i dont seem to care or remember.
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About BetaCoding
M.U.G.E.N (Obviously) Youtube, Roblox Or attempting to edit stuff in mugen
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I like a ton of characters, but i can't really think on whos my favorite.
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Rainbow Solstice, House of robloxia,Vista hill, also BTW i mostly like to put other songs in stages.
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I am never coming back, I feel disappointed and outraged


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Does anyone know how to download stages/music? 4th May 2018 04:59
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Cuphead Custom Lifebars : Some pretty nice cuphead lifebars, sprites ripped from the game. (1.1) 13th January 2018 192
Rainbow Road (DS) : A neat rainbow road stage based on the ds version. 14th January 2018 498
Jush Gayly Fagnut : A little crazy edit of Josh Gearys Remake The a.i the coding the palletes almost everything about this character has been screwed up 8th June 2017 34
Myspace Sasuke : What else can i say? its a weird edit of YOUKAIS sasuke-kun but with a corrupted pallete, very weird sounds, a pretty odd intro and toad sounds 7th September 2017 61
Pac-Man : This is a pretty decent pac-man right here 9th September 2017 294
UMMC (Original) : This is a pretty neat screenpack (1.0) Note: it will put you in full screen and can be a little slow when loading and requires editing the icons to make it look small and portraits 10th September 2017 632
MH_Primeus : This is masterhand128's version of primeus. this edit gives him new hypers, intros, sounds and attacks this edit will surely make the gay salmon much cheaper There is also a config.txt that can let you disable and enable some things 10th September 2017 69
Sonic.EXE : This is.... very cheap and difficult to beat sonic.exe... it also uses stuff from dark chaos version NOTE: can be a little loud... 15th September 2017 562
New Old Daniel (Fake) : This isn't a daniel clone of anyway but here is a fake new daniel by someone you can pretty much see its a joke character as the def file calls him GreenBallOfSh-t and the pallete as well as how he weirdly rotates and yes i know the daniel fad thing h ... 7th October 2017 19
Peacock Templort : A joke edit of the infamous Pocket Template Oh yea i should mention dis one has toad sounds and no this is not the original version of this character gameguy5 has editied it. 12th October 2017 19
Kroas Da Dickfig : A edit of kroas da dickfig A old character at this point this contains a few new hypers of some sorts and some new sounds. 12th October 2017 27
Fireworks : Happy New Years Everyone, This Probs Won't Have A Lot Of Downloads Since I Uploaded This Too Early but heres a new years character 17th October 2017 74
InvisibleNoob : Some kinda noob that has little to no sounds Plus its not a spriteswap of newbie 20th October 2017 109
Bubsy : To celebrate his favorite bobcat's return Fourthrhyme makes his own version of Bubsy! Includes stuff from the games, cartoon pilot and more! 31st October 2017 169
Donald Solo a4+ : This may look similar to a4 but its the + version This gives him another new pal and changes to his voice... however if you try to hit him he will do a weird explosion that will glitch the other fighter NOTE: might crash mugen if he gets hit by a proje ... 22nd November 2017 194
Autumnal Glitch Sans : Happy Thanksgiving all you mugenites Here is a autumn glitch sans variant for thanksgiving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiEbgA9BmII&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=khrI48fNvv7TBcVt-6 23rd November 2017 312
Omega Tiger Woods 2008 : Meet the cheapest version of Otw.. this version contains tons of new additions he no longer can be stunned,fall and of course.. grabbed (Unless hes already dead) a few new moves such a grenade and a laser and a secret cheap mode that contains more cr ... 25th November 2017 297
Candyman V2.0 : Here is a mini update of candyman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaGjhxUQlNE&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=fvWqhxl05DCg284M-6 3rd December 2017 191
Kazz (Beta) : yea this is based on dibs young sister Gaz Membrane 8th December 2017 22
Spongebob Squarepants (Beta) : Another rushed character by camren springer released an hour when his 2nd WIP video was made "Warning: Hes 0.00001% Completed, And Has Other Spongebob Sprites!" Oh yea and he has a spammable bubble move. 13th December 2017 158
Rainbow Solistice (My Angel) : "This is an Amazing Technicolor Battlefield, the whole stage is animated and constantly changes color with a light core that shows all these neat designs swirling about. It's like the colorful Final Destination I've always wanted. Simple and colorful." 24th December 2017 318
Shadowy Sins (My Devil) : "An alternate shadowy realm with dark colors, the slight outlines also change color as the dark source in the sky creates lines and pulses a symbol that looks very familiar..." 25th December 2017 193
Thamos : A poopy spriteswap of george goodlake...... seriously? 8th January 2018 64
Thamos (Remake) (Beta) : He has been remaked.... however it still has flaws it went from copying george to copying gumball... im not joking he has soundclips and stolen stuff same blast hyper, reused sprites from the old version, still has george stuff yea its just a hot mess. ... 8th January 2018 56
(Fake) Donald Solo a2 : Oh boy its one of "Those" donald edits its pretty weird as it kill itself as the round starts and weird stuff happens... 11th January 2018 59
(Fake) Donald Solo a4 : Same with the other one but this one has weird noises and stuff... turn down your volume when you're gonna test this thing. 12th January 2018 104
Rainbow Road (Double Dash!) : This one is from double dash. 14th January 2018 230
Cheapie Shazam7121 : Its just a mspaint image that 1 hit kos the player. :uhuh: 14th January 2018 8
Robloxopolis : Its a stage from roblox, Robloxopolis 14th January 2018 32
Vista Hill : Just a little bowser stage with a little dark tone into it. 15th January 2018 152
Teleportation : "Still image of 2 portal entrances inside the hallway of a spaceship." (Created w/ MS Paint) 16th January 2018 11
Patoelietoe 2 : "I decided to try my luck at remaking one of my older characters and here it is" Basically a 6 buttoned character based on MvC1 25th January 2018 122
Hairdresser Octopus (Takoyama) : https://youtu.be/5HIQKgeKlEs 28th January 2018 84
Papa Bear/Mr.Spaget (Beta) : Ooooh boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzevBP4Tp1M 28th January 2018 265
PvZ Zombie (Quick Fix Update) : A little fixing for Browncoat If you want to see what has changed please see the video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyDy-8kKqCM&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=l5ORo8PW3geZ0aKY-6 22nd February 2018 285
Bullwinkle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEiC6UkX0f0 Bullwinkie from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show has been ported to MUGEN. 8th March 2018 265
WaluigiSSB/Segami : Just a luigi recolor/soundswap, mostly just turning luigi turning purple and....... giving him a purple nose. :uhuh: Well enjoy if ya like these totally original plumber mario recolors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjIybnvq8pY 9th April 2018 106
Team MyYoutube Rocks : The creator says its a spriteswap out of team nicktoons... I have no idea if its been edited or not but it might be worser than team megatenwin. 29th April 2018 19
NES Elmo : This is a pretty bland attempt at a Elmo character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kok7BlaSeyk&t=72s Also he has an out of place "icon" hyper that for some screwed up reason features a few of Camren Springer's ocs. 29th April 2018 156
Genkai : If you were looking for a good Genkai then... this one ain't for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDcapaI2tTY I should mention her only hyper is broken. 16th May 2018 51