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Hatsune Miku (YU-TOHARU)
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A Town in Blue


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What character do you wish playing in MUGEN 23rd March 2017 23:44
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Rub Al Khali (Drake's Deception) : i found this stage on a website and it had no music and mugen didnt have any uncharted stages so i added the music from uncharted. 2nd January 2017 40
Iris heart : This is an edit I made of iari, it's my first official edit of a character. Iris heart is a character in hyperdimension neptunia victory. Plutia in her "HDD Form" is stronger than her normal self. She is good friends with Neptune and noire. I was only abl ... 16th January 2017 251
Stalker : The Stalker is a character from warframe in which it hunts the player for killing a certain boss. He is very hard to kill in the game and gives great rewards after killing him. This is my second edit. (P.s. i still dont know how to fully implement sound b ... 16th January 2017 112
LUA : I made an edit on a stage so i could put lua in. Lua is the moon from warframe where the tenno secretly was kept until hunhow exposed the lotus. 16th January 2017 18
CPU Iris Heart [FINAL] : What's new? -Added new sprites for her hyper and intro. -New and improved pallette -More voice files were added. (Intro, win, hurt, etc.) -Added win quotes -Plutia's attack was increased by 10 Plutia, known as Pururut (プルル&# ... 17th January 2017 488
[18+] Slime Miku : So this is my first nsfw edit, i've added sounds and sprites for when she is idle, ko'd, and whI list being raped. 18th January 2017 1,123
Stanley Parable - Heaven : BUTTONS......BUTTONS......BUTTONS...BUTTONS...AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH 19th January 2017 2
Sekibanki : Isu's version of sekibanki 24th January 2017 126
Shell city : from the spongebob squarepants movie 20th March 2017 26
D4 Miku : This miku's design sucks majorly and its main purpose is to make fun of a vocaloid known as hatsune miku. It has a somewhat decent ai though. Mainly for punching bag or collection. 28th March 2017 102
O h N o : Mugen but everytime knuckles gets hit or does something he says oh no. 1st April 2017 312
Knuckles sings : I dont want to set the wooorld ooon fire, i just want to staaaart a flame in your heeeaaaart. 1st April 2017 93
Studiopolis Zone (Mania) [LOW RES] : Since Mania is coming up i decided to get creative and make a stage for it. Note: it is very low res:laugh:. 6th May 2017 75