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San Shenron : Eis Shenron is a Dragon 3 Stars of Dragon Ball GT, rare char. 30th December 2016 92
Raditz : Exelent Char of Raditz, incluyed help Z, Turles, Saibaman and Ozaru, recomended char. 30th December 2016 613
Super Baby Vegeta Ozaru 2 : Good Char of Super Baby Vegeta Ozaru of Dragon Ball GT, portrait rezized by me. 30th December 2016 297
Gohan Armor SSJ : Good Char, cool!! 30th December 2016 81
Trunks F. Coraza : Good Char, trunks armor of Cell Saga. 30th December 2016 100
Trunks F. SSJ C. : Good Char, Trunks Armor of Cell Saga. 30th December 2016 94
Super 17 : Exellent char of Super C-17 of Dragon Ball GT, recomended Char. Cool so much!! 30th December 2016 283
GOHAN AF SSJ5 : Gohan SSJ 5 Char of New Dragon Ball AF Create by Tapion & Nahue77, MEPHISTOPHELES, FUSION GOGETA and by me, i'am only changed by portraits its gohan ssj4 for gohan ssj5, Great char and rare for encounter. Happy New Year for alls!! :laugh: 1st January 2017 117
Eis Shenron : New Eis Shenron of Dragon Ball GT, char based in Nuova Shenron by RistaR87, edit by me Migue84, exellent char and rare, Much better than the previous one I uploaded. :laugh: 2nd January 2017 260
Golden Freezer EB : Golden Freezer char of Xtreme Butouden, big portrait edit by me Migue84, good char. 2nd January 2017 848
Oozaru Vegeta : Vegeta Oozaru char, Nice sprites but few moves, rare of encounter. 2nd January 2017 319
Shuges : Shuges Of the bardock team, fixed and improved version of the original version by my Migue84, continues with the failure of when they sometimes drop you do not raise the character and bugea, this character is much more stable than the original now could b ... 5th January 2017 194
Ize : Ize char, first villains of new dragon ball af, based in cooler of MiaYu and edit by me Migue84, palletes and big portrait. :laugh: 6th January 2017 195
Ize Final Form : Ize character in his final form, villain of new dragon ball af, based on Cooler of Merufimu and edited by my Migue84, change in the palettes and portraits of the character, I hope you like, greetings to the community! :laugh: 7th January 2017 126
Coozer : Coozer the fusion between Cooler and Freezer, character based on cooler Merufimu and edited by my Migue84, change the palettes and portraits of the character, I hope you like, greetings to the community! 7th January 2017 83
XXI DBM (GIANT) : YoyoCollao (Hildegarn, Char), Son Bra Is Good (XXI, Sprites and Portraits) and edited by Migue84. XXI, main villain of Dragon Ball Multiverse, based on the character of YoyoCollao Hildegarn and Sprites and Portraits of XXI of Son Bra is Good, giant ver ... 11th January 2017 53
Xicor SSJ : Character of Xicor SSJ of Dragon Ball AF, I hope you like it, greetings! 11th January 2017 317
Akuman : Akuman character of Dragon Ball, is one of the 5 men of the diviner Baba. He's a rare character to find. 12th January 2017 122
Oficial Black : Character of Dragon Ball Official Black, is the right hand of the general red until this finishes killing, is a rare person to find. 12th January 2017 167
Destroy Robots : A Bonus Game based in Dragon Ball GT. :very_good: 12th January 2017 63
Cell Jr. Invasion : A Bonus Game based on Dragon Ball Z, the Cell Jr. Attack !! :laugh: 12th January 2017 121
Cellin : Character Cellin, the fusion between cell and krilin or rather krillin absorbed by cell, appeared in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 is the secondary missions. 12th January 2017 76
Kuriza DBH : Kuriza char, son of Frieza appear in Dragon Ball Heroes. Rare char of encounter! 12th January 2017 49
Android Elite : Android Hero of Dragon Ball Heroes, rare char. 12th January 2017 102
Pui Pui (Latino) : Pui Pui, version with voices in Latin, very good and faithful version of this character, is not the same as this one on this page unless I know it is not repeated, the other one that had the Brazilian voices, this one is in Latin and Have differences both ... 12th January 2017 79
Gotenks SSJ3 : Char of Gotenks SSJ3, very good version of this character. :laugh: 12th January 2017 346
Adult Gotenks SSJ3 DBH : Char of Adult Gotenks SSJ3 DBH, very good char! :very_good: 12th January 2017 506
Adult Gotenks SSJ4 NEW DB AF : Char of Adult Gotenks SSJ4 of New Dragon Ball AF Young Jiji, very cool and difficult to find character, 100% recommended, I hope you like it, greetings to the community! :laugh: 12th January 2017 291
Vegetto SSJ3 non-transformable : Char de Vegetto SSJ3 non-transformable version, I decided to upload it because on the page I only found the version transformable and if someone wants to have it directly and individually, it is not the same as this page or I think. A greeting! 12th January 2017 140
Broly LSSJ5 + COLOR FIX : Broly LSSJ5 known in the other version of the page as Broly Supremo, I decided to upload it because the other one that was not seen well the color palettes, were discolored and in this version of the character the color palettes look good, as they should ... 12th January 2017 776
Majuub (English Voices) : Char de Majuub with voices in English is not Brazilian like the one that was on this page, also I think it has improvements in the movements, I think they are a little different, I think it changes the presentation that looks like buu gets in the Uub's bo ... 12th January 2017 145
Gohan SSJ2 Movie 9 : Char of Gohan SSJ2 Movie 9 The Silver Warriors, improved version of the character with improvements in movements, is not the same version of the page. I hope it works, a greeting! :very_good: 12th January 2017 168
Tapion + Ocarina Sound : Tapion of Dragon Ball Z Dragon Attack, improved version of the character with new presentation and with the sound of the ocarina, both in the presentation when it leaves the music box and when the character touches it both to catch the enemy with She or w ... 12th January 2017 148
KING COLD : YoyoCollao (Hildegarn, Char), Balthazar (Frieza Z2 Sprites) and edited by Migue84. Char by King Cold Edited by my Migue84, based on Hildegard of YoyoCollao similar to XXI GIANT DBM but not as big as the previous one, this one is but normal but it is still ... 12th January 2017 316
Freezer Form 3 : YoyoCollao (Hildegarn, Char), Balthazar (Frieza Z2 Sprites) and edited by Migue84. Freezer Char in his third form, char type Hildegard of YoyoCollao maintains the same flaws of the mentioned char, some hang when being hit, I hope you like it and that, a g ... 13th January 2017 291
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