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February 5
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Video games and visiting new places.
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Kenshiro and Spider-Man
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Studiopolis and all of Tatsu's stages.
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Windows 7
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Google Chrome


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Making holn's AI playable 20th June 2018 03:17
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27th November 2016

Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Complete Joseph : What i call a 'Complete' version of Young Joseph. With the Tommygun super, fixed portraits , anime voice and AI. I only edited the portraits. Hope you enjoy! 24th September 2017 1,404
Sauri : This is Sauri from the 1996 Korean exclusive fighting game: The Eye of Typhoon. Complete with AI. Enjoy! 5th October 2017 141
Complete Mariah : Another version in which i call 'complete'. This time it's Mariah. With good AI for those who is looking for a challenge and the anime voice. I didn't edit anything, i just didn't see this char anywhere so i decided to upload it here. Enjoy. 3rd October 2017 678
Complete Kakyoin : As a wise man said numerous times : ''Another one'' for the Complete series. This time it's everyone's favorite MILF Hunter: Kakyoin. Complete with AI and EOH voice. Any problem you're experiencing, don't be afraid to tell me. I might be able to help you. ... 8th October 2017 1,144
Yuugi Hoshiguma : Here's Yuugi by minoo 1st January 2018 82
AI patch for Yuugi : An AI patch for minoo's Yuugi. Enjoy. 1st January 2018 8
AI patch for YU TOHARU's Mamiya : Didn't find the patch anywhere besides on a japanese website so here it is. Enjoy 15th January 2018 34
Spider-Man : Here's a Mvc2 styled Spider-Man. It's gameplay is super similar to the game and it comes with challenging AI. Enjoy. 1st February 2018 150
AI for Kohaku's Rentaro Satomi : A AI patch for Kohaku's Rentaro Satomi. Enjoy. 4th February 2018 48
AI patch for Dronekiller's Merkava : Another AI patch that i found. Enjoy! 10th February 2018 19
AI patch for Beximus's Ruby Heart : 18th February 2018 48
Yukina Himeragi : The newest release of Sennou-room! Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood, with 3 Button layout and POTS style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK9IhgU2dco 3rd March 2018 530
AI For Terumen's Susanoo and Terumi : Found this on a japanese site, Enjoy! 8th April 2018 55
AI patch for Sennou-Room's Yukina : Here's another AI patch that i found that gives Yukina a brutal AI. Enjoy 10th April 2018 35
Evelyn : An edit of Eve from Daemon Bride. Super cheap AI (She even managed to defeat muteki's Sol Badguy). And has special modes on her 11p and 12p. Enjoy! 10th April 2018 219
AI patch for Etomo Shuko : I finally found the AI patch for the wonderful original character Etomo Shuko. I found it on a japanese mugen website called QXMugen. There's plenty of new AI patches and characters released everyday. Enjoy! 13th April 2018 23