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    He got it rage because people were not agree with him about the community event. Yeah it kinda sucks but its their site and their rules and if anyone thinks they can do better, they can make their own site and see how it goes.
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    Now do a round robin with those characters and see who is the last one.
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    Well hey, I always reply to the people who do message me. Thanks for the comment.
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    Ah thank you. And hello. =)
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Art, reading, storytelling.
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Rockman Zero by Icho, Shin Gouki, Evil Ryu by Reuben Kee, Zero X1 by FXFreitas.
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Butter Building, X vs Zero, Final Atrium.
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Bass Cross Megaman : One of the crosses from Mega man Battle Network 5. This character was hard to find, since stuff like Esnips was down. Character has moves that Mega man.exe did within the games. This character is pretty powerful, within one or two moves, But that's up to ... 12th November 2016 122
MMXtreme Zero : Zero from the difficult game, Mega Man Xtreme 2. A game that was made for the Game Boy Color. This Zero uses 2-buttons, but you can do a few direction input attacks, such as Thunder God Attack, Rekkoha, etc. Go ahead and enjoy this retro character! 1st December 2016 115
ROCKMAN EXE : ROCKMAN EXE Ver. 2.2 made by I no Soko no Rikugame. Now, before you dismiss this as just another random bad Battle Network character, It's way better than you'd think. -Character uses the Bar from the games, as it lets you use chips by registering the ... 21st December 2016 204
Zero First : Zero First made by FXFreitas. This is the updated version. As said by FXFreitas, This is one of the person's more complete works, as this Zero has various specials, and custom sprites, and 12 palettes. This Zero fights using his fists, and his Z-Buster, a ... 30th December 2016 427
Zero EX : Zero EX, a character with multiple different variations. Within this file, you'll find MVC-Zero, Omega, and Hyper Zero DEF's, etc. You also find later and previous versions of one version of the character. Hyper Zero has moves from Awakened Zero, Omega us ... 30th December 2016 234
Model M : Model M, from Lightning Count X. This character, while it may look small, it's a fast, powerful, and combo inducing fighter, and shouldn't be token lightly, whenever controlled by A.I, or player. Has a move list inside the file. 30th December 2016 195