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    You can't miss fundamental files in a char when uploading, such as DEF and SFF files. Otherwise, administrators may understand that this is a fake file and you may run the risk of being banned for future uploads even if you have placed an external link to the SFF file.
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    Excuse me,i exaggerated
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Colonel Period -Virtual- : Here is the latest update of the Colonel Period Virtual character. Hopefully with this let me now if you download characters like this that weigh more than 100 MB :dirol: The last update of the character was by this youtuber called sparta412, said ... 26th November 2016 87
Sadist Zero Very Hard : WARNING!! Before downloading this character I declare that by his name they must give an idea ... surely they will say that he is an immortal character ... well it is !! :wavetowel: 27th November 2016 404
ara Donald start : An edit (it could be said private) about Donald, clarified that this is shared only for those who want it, that if, depending on the capacity of computer. :dirol: 13th March 2017 82
Mario-of-anger : Probably the most powerful mario edition (I would say) of Mario, only this one is a bit lost of power, so it is recommended to download it at your own risk (so powerful that it finishes very easy Dark Donald) 13th March 2017 357
Giji Ultima reimu Oddity : ONLY FOR MUGEN 1.1 Well here I bring you the most powerful version of Reimu, the truth that the results give the same as Giji Ultima Gouki Oddity (which will be coming soon) only for the most common version of mugen 1.1 :smile: 13th March 2017 99
Giji Ultima Gouki Oddity : ONLY FOR MUGEN 1.1 As I promised, here is Rare Akuma or better known as ... Giji Ultima Gouki Oddity 13th March 2017 391
S-Super Mario ver.7.1 : Strong Super Mario is the most powerful to choose it at 12p 13th March 2017 332
R- Luigi : R-Luigi is Powerful. 13th March 2017 290
Donarle : Lightweight character from 1p to 11p, but if we chose 12p, it was already more powerful than Dark Donald. The sound file is not found as it is damaged. 14th March 2017 129
Donario_Ver9.0 : Its Mario. 14th March 2017 35
SuperDonajji_Zero : It's Luigi (Over Power) :O 14th March 2017 65
Dark_Spongebob (2.0) : 17th March 2017 161
Ultimate Rainbow Donald : Something very special for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TyN9G-t0l0 17th August 2017 401
Shadow Ronald : I do not know if this had already been uploaded, but anyway I better warn you before I look for it watered in the network. 17th August 2017 433
Clown of East : 17th August 2017 101
Donald Akari : Cheap character 17th August 2017 117
Eternal Donald Decker : 25th August 2017 72
Eternal Donald Meirubar : Other Cheap Character. 25th August 2017 89
Donald UT : 25th August 2017 168
Super Dark Donald : 25th August 2017 301
Renewal Sunny Ghost : 26th August 2017 100
Dinner-Donald : 10th September 2017 121
Lolicon2013 : I came back bringing you this character. it was not hard to find. 25th March 2018 137