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  1. Hey flyboyfred What will be your next chars of wwe
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    hi ya! your Ted is awesome!
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WWE, The Walking Dead, Horror Movies
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Peter Griffin
Homer Simpson
Graboid From Tremors
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Graboid (Tremors) : This is the first character I have made. It is a sprite swap of Neptune. Enjoy!:smile: 26th January 2014 368
Lois Griffin : This is a sprite swap by me. This is not the version by Idiot. 31st January 2014 684
Meg Griffin : Sprite swap and has same moves as my Lois. 1st February 2014 214
Chewbacca Bird : 13th March 2014 837
TED : I edited an original sprite made by TIS2012 to make this character. 14th April 2014 230
The General Lee : 17th May 2014 344
John Cena : Name: John Cena Author: randy bighead 13th June 2014 2,143
Shemus : Name: Sheamus Author: randy 20th July 2014 821
Stone Cold Steve Austin : Name: Stone Cold Steve Austin Author: The HeartBurn Kid 20th July 2014 901
Sin Cara : Name: Sin Cara Author: Mouser Mouser edited by ? 20th July 2014 580
Hunico : Name: Hunico Author: MR.S&Misamu K Young 28th July 2014 265
Kane : Name: Kane Author: Randy Bighead Origin: WWE 16th November 2014 957
Danger Mouse (Beta) : Danger Mouse (Beta) 4th April 2015 144
The Big Show : WWE The Big Show by Randy Big Head 23rd May 2015 1,085
Jack Swagger : WWE Jack Swagger By Randy Big Head 23rd May 2015 285
Chris Jericho : WWE Chris Jericho By Randy Bighead 23rd May 2015 532
Kofi Kingston : WWE Kofi Kingston By Randy Big Head 23rd May 2015 605
The Undertaker : WWE The Undertaker By Randy Bighead 23rd May 2015 1,925
Alberto Del Rio : WWE Alberto Del Rio By Randy Big Head 23rd May 2015 393
Randy Orton : WWE Randy Orton By Randy Bighead. 23rd May 2015 843
LA Parka : Former WCW and Lucha Libre Star. 13th June 2015 194
Konnan : Former WCW and Lucha Libre star. 13th June 2015 166
Sting : The Icon Sting! 30th June 2015 532
Christian : WWE Superstar Christian 3rd July 2015 306
Rick Steiner : Former WCW and WWE Superstar 5th July 2015 189
Chavo Guerrero : Wrestler Chavo Guerrero! 18th October 2015 180
Shawn Michaels : -This Is The Just Released Shawn Michaels By Wrestling Revolution Mugen! 22nd October 2015 1,255
Triple H : WWE Superstar Triple H By Sic. Unfinished. 6th November 2015 1,756
Bam Bam Bigelow : The Beast From The East By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 15th November 2015 746
Bret Hitman Hart : Bret The Hitman Hart By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 30th November 2015 1,007
Chavo Guerrero 2 : Chavo Guerrero 2 By Wrestling Revolution Mugen/ Edited By Randy Bighead. 4th December 2015 185
Lex Luger : The Total Package Lex Luger By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 10th December 2015 585
Razor Ramon : The Bad Guy Razor Ramon/Scott Hall By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 29th December 2015 811
Mankind : WWF/WWE Superstar Mankind By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 17th January 2016 305
Lucha Underground Ring Arena : Lucha Underground Stage By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 12th February 2016 112
Doink The Clown : Wrestler Doink The Clown By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 2nd March 2016 916
Macho Man Randy Savage : Wrestling Legend Macho Man Randy Savage By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 2nd March 2016 532
Jimmy Hart : The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 30th March 2016 139
Ric Flair : The Nature Boy Ric Flair By Wrestling Revolution Mugen. 30th March 2016 312
Chris Benoit : Wrestler The Crippler Chris Benoit By Wrestling Revolution Mugen 1st May 2016 262
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