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About Dark'X

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About Dark'X
Games, SNK, Drawing, other various. And Enjoy things about Marine life.
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Favorite MUGEN version:
Mugen 1.0 and 1.1
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Kula Diamond, and various mugen chars.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
All EXShadow's Stages and Saint Seiya.
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Operating System:
Window 7
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Mozilla Firefox


Ma kumwail anahne sawas, Peki rehi..
And you are my only true friend. XD

Welcome to my blog.


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What Are You Playing Now? 13th February 2020 03:06
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13th February 2020
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24th October 2016

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Matter-Orochi : Another version of Orochi for your orochi collections... 6th February 2017 374
Kyoko Habana : The cosplayer Kyoko from the King of Fighters 2000. The transformation of Kyo Kusanagi when hit by Dimitri's Midnight Bliss Spell.. Download ma mehlel ke pwungki.. 7th February 2017 593
Another Clone ASH : Another good version of Ash.! 7th February 2017 212
Nao : This Nao has some palette similar to Dark God Nao. He also got a pretty good AI.. 7th February 2017 205
Kusanagi Saisyu : Saisyu is Kyo's dad. He got some pretty good moves, and specials, and is suitable for any roster. Enjoy.! 7th February 2017 141
Hinako Shijo (UM) : Hinako, the sumo girl from KOF 2001.. 7th February 2017 215
Akaitsuki : 8th February 2017 129
Chipp Zanuff : 8th February 2017 236
Kyo : This kyo was edited by Hellfire997 and suited for any roster. Thanks to Hellfire997 for this hard work. 9th February 2017 85
Super Kyo : This kyo has been edited to be like the Dragon Ball Z's. He has a Kamehameha like the Dragon ball characters.. Download, If you like dragon ball Z 9th February 2017 158
Shadow Kyo : 9th February 2017 231
Iron Kyo : 9th February 2017 80
Demiurge : Lahpet dierek wasa me apwal. Oh udahn ketipwehl. HOWEVER, i feel strange about this character. Somehow the display name says Master Mugen, I never know why, And yeah, strange but I consider keeping in my roster. It is one of the best character for Mugen. ... 9th February 2017 425
Yagami-AKOF : 07/13/2007..... Wekila lahpe.. 10th February 2017 112
Sakura Card Captor : Sakura Card Captor or also known as Cardcaptor Sakura(CCS) from the shōjo manga series. 10th February 2017 669
Escuela(stage)-storm : 10th February 2017 103
Clan Yagami : 10th February 2017 324
Bio Element : This is another iori edit made by "Opirus". suitable for any roster. download if you like cheap edits. 10th February 2017 798
Fernandeath : 10th February 2017 208
Boss stage night : 24th February 2017 162
Ryuko 1st : Ryuko, the original character created by OGGY. Though at first she seems to be an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, she possesses many exaggerated and over-the-top powers, such as releasing energy tornados from her hands, creating explosions and transforming ... 10th February 2017 879
Rose's Rainstorm Requiem : rain and storm, really like this stage.. 13th February 2017 101
Puppet Yukino : Another edit of Puppet Yukino.. Having only four custom palette. 13th February 2017 260
M2 Clone's Stage Arrange : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MXsefSf6Is 13th February 2017 273
Jack Bandit : Version of the char: Beta 0.2 (80%) Creator of Char: Jack Bandit RT Sprites: Rock Howard from Ssonic Data sheet: Full Name: Jackson Colt Date of Birth: 7/6/1980 Age: 18 years (the story takes place in 1998) Birthplace: American (USA) Height: 1,8 ... 13th February 2017 168
Rozwel Gustab AI : this is another Rozwel Gustab AI edited by human human.. This character is really good for boss fight. Enjoy!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxktGvm1wc8 14th February 2017 499
Ice Robert Drake : another edit of k' name Robert Drake. 15th February 2017 65
Godman : Godman or Goodman by ahuron.. 15th February 2017 708
EFZ Aya : an amazing Aya from Eternal Fighting Zero. Updated by Frule. 15th February 2017 113
EFZ Iku : another character in Eternal Fighting Zero.. 15th February 2017 122
Nana Diclonius : 16th February 2017 787
Alter Wind : Another amazing edit of Angelique.. Enjoy..:smile: 16th February 2017 432
Black Sula : This is another great edit if Kula By Serielp3 similar to Sula Crystal or Sula_MK by ONI-MIKO. one of the best character i found.. suitable for any roster.. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzfgmeyWYNg 16th February 2017 230
Ash Phantom : Ash Phantom from Disgaea 2.. Really a nice charater though.. Download ma ke pwungki.. 16th February 2017 185
Another Kiai : Another Kiai from the Nijikaku Arcade series.. 16th February 2017 92
cross : Cross form the Custom Beat Battle Draglade was here for Zeke and Shelly.. 17th February 2017 132
Shelly : Here comes Shelly from the Custom Beat Battle Draglade.. Enjoy 17th February 2017 207
Buck Dozer : Name : Buck Dozer Race : Buck Job : Leader Of the Buck's Released : 1 17th February 2017 334
Portgas D. Ace : Name : Portgas D. Ace or Gol D. Ace Age : 20 Origin : One Piece Devil Fruit : Mera Mera no Mi Sprites : One Piece Gigant Battle (1 & 2) Special Thanks to Grim for ripping them. 17th February 2017 572
Roronoa Zoro : 17th February 2017 679
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