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    Could this be?
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    Or one more version downloaded the bad version
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    Well, so-so not on the whole screen turns on the sides of black
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    Maybe then I have a laptop
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    I have 1280x720 I just will not be able to see the start and everything else
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    Well, I'll say one screen resolution bad can not change if I was either stretched or not at all visible where the start
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    rumor is still such a question I downloaded what you gave me but he had me on a small screen how to do more made under his screen he at me generally stretched out
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    Listen, can you give a link to the rules of the game
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    mugen coruscation-1.1b1 I threw myself here
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    All downloaded became better
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    Downloaded and where to drop it into a folder?
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    Give me the link
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    The game is not on the whole screen and it turns out that not all the characters are seen
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    Yes it turned out ... But I'm confused by one game ... Characters for the black screen are
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    Does not want there is no such file or such file add-characters-1000
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About Bradsalo
Games, SNK, Drawing, other various. And Enjoy things about Marine life.
Student, Gamer
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Mugen 1.0 and 1.1
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Kula Daimon, and various mugen chars.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
All EXShadow's Stages and Saint Seiya.
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Window 7
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Ma kumwail anahne sawas, Peki rehi..


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File Date Downloads
Metro City : From Final Fight. 5th June 2017 30
CCS Aquarium : Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2 stage... 15th June 2017 4
CCS Circus at night : Stage from Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2. 15th June 2017 10
CCS Final Judge : Stage from Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 7
CCS Park : Stage from Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 3
CCS School : From Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 18
CCS Street : From Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 9
CCS Street (Afternoon) : From Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 6
CCS Temple at night : From Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 7
CCS Tower at night : From Card Hunter Sakura Fighter 2.. 15th June 2017 4
Kusanagi Family's Temple : 15th June 2017 30
Athena's Sanctuary : 15th June 2017 28
Suzako Castle's Winter : From Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike An editted stage with Snow.. becomes Snowy Ryu Stage..XD 15th June 2017 16
Suzako' Streets : Stage from Street Fighter Alpha.. 15th June 2017 76
Duralminn : https://youtu.be/QjnuptMmeVc 11th September 2017 47
Infinity Mugen Team HQ Rooftop : Stage based Infinity Mugen Team.. DV has made a perfect stage.. 16th April 2017 28
Yuyuko Saigyouji : Last updated - 02/23/17 5th March 2017 25
Training Stage Neo Moot : Mugen 1.0 5th March 2017 51
Training Stage Alpha Gamma : Mugen 1.01 5th March 2017 7
Super Mario Bros. 3 : Mugen 2.01 5th March 2017 101
Ninja Temple (Spring) : 17th July 2017 14
Arc Angel in Sky : 17th July 2017 8
Blade's Stage : 16th July 2017 7
Military Hangar : 17th July 2017 5
Nao Final : https://youtu.be/D3nLSqdYEgA 2nd February 2017 126
Kyo Kusanagi AV : An amazing edit of kyo. Probably, one of the best character. https://youtu.be/tpVf4R6NkLQ 2nd February 2017 102
Athena MAx : Athena from the Psycho soldier team.. the unknown named author has made a really good stuff.. 3rd February 2017 180
God Kula : Another version of Zelgadis's Kula name God Kula.. 3rd February 2017 112
God Justice : Cheap edit of justice.. got some specials that consume almost 100% of characters HP or could knock out.. Enjoy.!! 3rd February 2017 148
k'dush (Evil K') : A very small edit of K'.. 6th February 2017 40
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