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    And now he's created her, she works nice.
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    We would love to see Futa Shermie.
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[18+] Futa Cammy 1.0 : here is my third edit, i tried to add her hair behind her, but looks weird, i will try to add it maybe in next version dont worry if she is V1.0 yet, all my edits have the last version of my best edit She have 6 type of missionary rapes (yes, i need t ... 25th January 2018 1,659
[18+] Futa Shermie (BETA) 1.0 : Here is, shermie futa, do her sprites was hard, because her palette colors makes her missionary move looks weird, i updated the sprite like 6 times XD she have missionary compatibility only for now (her sprites still needs improvements, but its ok for ... 16th January 2018 724
[18+] HeartAino futa (front fixed) : is the exactly same HeartAino futa, but this one contains a fix so front rape (missionary B F b ) can be done, instead of doggystyle only. this is my first "compatibility fix", now she should be compatible with all missionary victims 9th January 2018 1,648
[18+] Frisky Firebrand fixed : this version contains a fix, so now missionary, doggy and cowgirl (the most hard to fix XD) are compatible with all victim females credits to - SvC sprite edits by The Great Matsutzu - Custom sprites & programming by Acey - MJF who provided the soun ... 9th January 2018 3,579
[18+] Spike fixed : same Spike, but this version contains a fix, so now missionary and doggystyle are compatible with all victim females Credits goes to the creator, MikeS.Densky AND CLUBDOGGpa who made the NSFW edit. 10th January 2018 1,376
[18+] Futa Yoko (WIP) : WARNING:DO NOT DOWNLOAD: this version is unstable (with a lot of issues) i will upload next version tomorrow, with all those issues fixed THIS IS THE NEW VERSION: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=78102--18-futa-yoko-beta-v2-waru ... 11th January 2018 396
[18+] Futa Yoko (BETA) v2 : (sorry my bad english) I fixed a lot of issues, and added a lot of things (not to much at the view), i dont want to make spam with my updates, but i wanted to upload this version because now she is 100% stable character. I didn't add any new compatibil ... 12th January 2018 992
[18+] Futa Yoko V3 : well, i found there will be a point where i couldn“t divide them in two versions, so there will be creepy version only, anyways i think nobody was using the normal version XD, this is a good update, you should replace V2 with this V3. I added doggystyle ... 18th January 2018 2,018
[18+] Futa Yoko 4.0 : I had a change of plans, i decided to not add a "Violent" cowgirl and doggy, since i will make a different version of them to adapt to the "Violent" move. About Friendship power, i will add the complete version with Cammy V2.0, for now, Yoko should wait. ... 5th February 2018 3,845
[18+] Futa Shermie 2.1 : I updated her missionary sprites and added cowgirl doggystyle compatibility, but her doggystyle needs improvements Summarized Changelog: Updated Missionary Aggressor sprites (she doesn“t look so bad now) Added Cowgirl Lovely (Can turn into Violent C ... 14th February 2018 2,222
[18+] Futa Cammy 2.0 : Hi, here is cammy 2.0, she has been delayed for some reasons, also, this version does not contains the Full Friendship power, since i made a new code that Cammy dont have yet, this new code is really big a laberyntic for the Friendship power, so it will t ... 8th March 2018 1,542
[18+] FutaCR Felicia 1.5 : Okay, my new grand project, Futa Felicia (my 4th edit). Futa Felicia have compatibility with Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, MPress and Blowjob Also she includes my new code "Feliciamaru", i made this new code from 0, what this new code can do? Th ... 18th March 2018 2,321
[18+] A-Shi : Here is A-Shi, i made new sprites for Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Blowjob and Prone bone, Prone bone is a new compatiblity that no one aggressor have, my FutaCR Felicia 2.0 will be the first one. Please, do not re-edit and re-upload this edit, if ... 3rd April 2018 2,547
[18+] FutaCR Angelia Avallone 1.1 : Okay, here is my 5th edit, FutaCR Angelia Avallone, she have the same things as my Felicia, Missionary, Press, Doggystyle, Cowgirl and Blowjob, enjoy! Please, Do not re-edit and re-upload this edit I have to say, when i was working on her, i noticed ... 4th April 2018 2,126
[+18] FutaCR R.Mika 1.1 : Hi again guys, here is my 6th edit, FutaCR R.Mika She has 5 moves: Missionary, Mating Press, Doggystyle, Cowgirl and Blowjob Moves are: Normal Rape: B, F , b Violent Rape: B, F , c (with 2 power bars) then start testing by your own xd Please, do ... 22nd May 2018 575