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    Dont end up getting a rank this guy, and plus his ID has the number 666
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    Ah so more anthro then pokephile. There's another editor working with that. When you're able to again,private message me. Or you can contact me on tumblr.
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    You mean like pokemon edits, or the girls from the pokemon game? MasterFaps has some good work on that.
  4. @bison shadaloo I apologize for deleting your works, and im willing to forget the incident that had occured in discord during december. If you would like help on sprites, I'll gladly help and hope we can get along from this point forward. Im not the greatest artist and do have limits, such as forbidding myself from editing works in secret, that my friends had made previously.

    I hope we can come to an understanding and let all of the arguing and madness end in peace.
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    help me?? Well I just wanted to continue in the discord chat! Nothing else, the truth I have been bad with the programming and the drawing of pixels, but I try to make an effort, the bad thing about me is that I do not have much free time at home. ^^
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    The most difficult thing may be accepting that some people won't change. The phrase "rinsing your hands clean of it" applies here. It's difficult and goes against your instincts, but we're on a public forum and there's a code of conduct. Hope for the betterment, but allow things to go differently than you'd wish if it's out of your hands. Happy New Year.
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    Stay serene my friend.
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    protect and serve! you forgot the basic norm to be a moderator, it is sad that you have taken the initiative to delete works of others only because you did not like the content, bad plan u.u...... hasta la vista baby!!!!!!! -_-

  9. Yo just wanted to say, i truly feel ya message, and i feel d*mb, sorry dude.
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    Esta bien, pero deberías mencionarme cuando uses mis trabajos, también noté que usaste la misma voz, solo que lo ocultas con la música de fondo.
    Todos estos detalles que observe los considere solo para la versión masculina (Ferri), pero también se ve bien en Ferir...
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    Eres el youtuber WiCloud735, por que has usado mi edición de los lobos del personaje Ferri. Ferri es un personaje +18 que bien que lo ayas adaptado a Ferir
    Me gusto ver mi trabajo en youtube
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Pinkie Pie Revamped : Permission was given to me to upload this character by the authors. Project is unfinished: - 5 button character -missing sprites in some animations -a few moves may be buggy *balloons and super jump* -No AI images http://i.imgur.com/LfcFRGR.png http:/ ... 25th March 2017 185
Ajit Pai Punching Bag : This is an edit of N64Mario's Youtube punching bag That i myself edited. All Credits go to this author. This character was made mainly for the protest of the repeal of Net Neutrality. As far as im aware the repeal has not been approved yet and alle ... 19th December 2017 134
SSBB Yoshi's Island : There's a thread in < > mentioning this stage from 10 years ago, Yeah it's that old...I came across it not too long ago and realized this stage can't be found anywhere, even the link on that mentioned thread doesn't give you a download option, so i figure ... 30th December 2017 151
LittlePip Patch : Hey! this is only a patch for Littlepip by stabletech what this patch does is that it fixes pip's continuous floating during fights. The patch was created by a friend of mine by the name of idgcaptainrussia, he said it may have a few errors left but the ... 10th February 2018 27
(+18) Vore lopunny, Female Blaziken : Hey all! this is a minor edit i did to the blaziken assist, i feminized it! don't worry no naughty bits, she's mostly got the figure and chest. I actually started this 2 years ago and must have forgotten about it until i saw it this morning XD I fig ... 23rd February 2018 1,278