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fighting games lover
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Mugen 1.0
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CvS style!
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animated stages


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Change my Mugen 1.0 to 1.1 26th December 2017 00:06
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5th November 2013

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
ghetto : graffiti stage! 4th June 2016 68
Jin Kazama : jin with the tracksuit from tekken 4 and 5 4th June 2016 502
Spiderman No Mvc : Based on koldskool. Error moves fixed, dash and backdash fixed. New combos. 8th August 2017 822
Felicia Custom : Based on felicia Mvc, this version add cvs combo style, powercharge and parry. Enjoy! 9th August 2017 250
Forest Dojo : 21st December 2017 50
Goro fix : Size scale fixed Ajusted damage New Xray sprites Info bug solved 19th December 2017 1,074
forest dojo (UPTADE) : add new animations in the waterfalls 22nd December 2017 100
Spiderman Stage (musical effects) : MVC spiderman stage. Add sound effects in the music 25th December 2017 710
Yuria golden axe stage (music fx) : Yuria stage from The duel (a golden axe fighting game) New song, music effects added 25th December 2017 69
Alex Ring : 26th December 2017 69
Creepy Bathroom : Original from "clock tower" game Leak effects 26th December 2017 48
Dragon Stage : An original stage 26th December 2017 85
Nether realm : Nether realm stage from MK series 26th December 2017 87
Another sagat : based on CvS Cancel moves, ultra combo special bar, new moves 26th December 2017 124
The castle : original stage. Armor sprites based from Golden Axe character from "the duel" 26th December 2017 75
Gargoyle stage : an original stage. Enjoy! night version: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=76809-gargoyle-stage-at-night-alegrameldia 28th December 2017 35
Another terry CvS : CvS style New moves New combos 28th December 2017 257
another Q : 3 modes new combos, different combos for each mode New moves 28th December 2017 229
shin vega : shin vega from kamekaze 28th December 2017 187
Gargoyle stage at night : night version, with animation in the stars. Enjoy! noon version: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=76780-gargoyle-stage-alegrameldia 29th December 2017 83
mega zangief : edited version of zangief, new attacks, combos and mechagief version 29th December 2017 219
art museum edited : aMAXproduction original stage, modified by alegrameldia 29th December 2017 75
Albert Wesker edited : error fixed rescaling sprites jugglin combos inifnity combo solved 30th December 2017 1,556
rider's grave : 1st January 2018 175
No MVC Storm : no super jump combos, infinite combo solved 1st January 2018 196
philanthropy belfry noon : noon version from garou stage 2nd January 2018 76
dwarf hideway : stage from the duel (golden axe fighting game) by binho 2nd January 2018 47
Suzaku temple rain (sound effects) : Raining effects 16th January 2018 92
Paul Phoenix with tekken 7 voice : Chuchoryu´s Paul with tekken 7 voice. Change voices done by Alegrameldia. 26th June 2018 1,762
Roger Smith ENGLISH VOICE (1.0comp) : English Voice By Alegrameldia Original char By Warner Mugen 1.0 compatible Char 27th June 2018 753
Sunset facade : based on inner world by blah 30th June 2018 32
Noodles shop at Night : based on Naruto´s Noodle Shop. Sprite art by: Gazette-Ruki. Gazette-Ruki deviant art: https://www.deviantart.com/gazette-ruki/ 1st July 2018 72