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    ABOUT REPACKS : It is generally advised to stick to the original packages distributed by authors, and to not repack without a valid and non trivial reason, such as fixing a game breaking bug, or converting the package to a single .ZIP or .RAR file which are the only formats supported by the site (split files, 7zip, etc are not supported). However repacking with minor or trivial changes such as renaming something to fit your liking should be avoided.

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Kano Kirishima AI Patch (eruk) : This is Kano Kirishima's AI Patch from eruk to use with 586's EFZ version of the character. Since it wasn't on this site, I decided to post it here so that anyone can have it. Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 25th August 2017 27
Mai Kawasumi MVC2 EX : This is MVC2 Mai Kawasumi by 586, but with an AI Patch containing photos from the 2006 version of the Kanon anime as well as sound effects. This file is actually the patch combined with the same file though. And these extras were placed in thanks to Ic ... 25th January 2017 225
Towa : This version of Towa Yuhazaki is the same one created by an unknown source. But this version has been AI Patched by LJH. Just so you know, this version of Towa does have a power of 10000 compared to the 4000 of the original. If anyone's wondering, t ... 29th January 2017 298
Pac-Man : This Pac-Man character uses sprites from various Namco games. His moveset is based on the one from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as other Namco classics. Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin::grin: 29th January 2017 964
Great Wario : This is Warner's 2nd version of Great Wario. With the help of @ndroide, Great Wario is much better in MUGEN. Enjoy!:grin::grin::grin: 29th January 2017 1,659
Old School Mario : Old School Mario is based off of the Mario sprite AND NOT THAT HEAD from Mario Teaches Typing. He is a simple character to use somewhat. But he can't block. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you hit him, he'll "lose a life" and come back. And then the process w ... 30th January 2017 353
Rainbow Coaster : Rainbow Coaster is one of the many courses found in Mario Kart Arcade GP. As you might expect, it's the Rainbow Road track of this game. This is the version that alternates between Day and Night, not the one that comes with separate Day and Night only ... 4th February 2017 171
Mario Circuit : This is the Mario Circuit stage based off the version of the same name from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Comes with music for Mario Circuit, Luigi Raceway, and Waluigi Pinball, all of which are remixes from Brawl as well. Enjoy!:grin: 4th February 2017 206
Planet Zebes : This is the Planet Zebes stage from Super Smash Bros. converted into a MUGEN stage. There is both a version with the acid and a version without it contained in this file. Enjoy!:grin: 5th February 2017 176
Nayuki Minase : So when using this character in MUGEN 1.1 (from my experiences since IDK what would happen if I used it on MUGEN 1.0), it seemed to crash the game due to errors. Basically, I had to remove the information contained in statedef -2 in the sp4.cns file. N ... 12th February 2017 62
Orie Harada : I fixed this problem a while ago but that was before I started to contribute here. Basically, the CNS is causing this character to not work properly at all. Namely the st1 file, which I also have made common1.cns. To make a long story short, it was ... 12th February 2017 1,239
Shiori Misaka : I find it hard to believe how Shiori Misaka from the Kanon anime series, as well as the doujin game Eternal Fighter Zero, had not even one version of the character on this website. So here's DABA's version of this character, submitted to the site by yours ... 15th February 2017 162
Mai Kawasumi (eruk AI Patched) : So after a long search through a file sharing site, I've managed to finally salvage this character I've also wanted for a very long time. Well, I have already posted this character before, but this one's much different. Basically, there was this person ... 3rd March 2017 120
Mizuka Nagamori : This is hanma's version of Mizuka Nagamori from Eternal Fighter Zero. Well to be more precise, the normal Mizuka Nagamori. Not a cheap palleted version of her younger self (Unknown). This version was not posted here for some unknown reason. So that's w ... 8th April 2017 171
Super Mario Bros. for Genesis : So back in the day there was this pirated game on the Sega Genesis called Super Mario World (not the same game as the SNES classic we all know and love). But in this game, rather than jump on enemies, Mario and Luigi throw boxes at their foes and screa ... 8th April 2017 431
Spiral Uroboros : This is ouchi's version of the MUGEN stage Spiral Uroboros. The original source of this stage is Melty Blood Actress Again, where it is the stage of Michael Roa Valdamjong, the main villain of Tsukihime, which was the original story of the Melty Blood ... 29th April 2017 57
Mr. Game and Watch : This is DarkSpinDoctor's version of Mr. Game and Watch. This is NOT an edit from Neokamek, but rather an original made character with some new moves. And apparently once again, since no one posted it yet, I might as well do that myself, just in case th ... 29th April 2017 336
Squidward : This is Rapthemonkey's edit of Squidward that was previously edited by Misdreavuslord159, Zobbes, and Warioman. Hopefully this character is an improvement of the previous edits. Anyways, enjoy!:grin::grin::grin: 12th May 2017 1,495
Urban Champion : This is the Urban Champion MUGEN character that was made by Alexander Williams for his NES Fighters Remix game. This character is really underrated and it's just so nice to see how fellow MUGEN creators and players are creating obscure video game chara ... 25th May 2017 299
DK Jr : This is KingPepe's Donkey Kong Jr, designed specifically for his Famicom Fighters game. Son of the original Donkey Kong (who is known today as Cranky Kong), this was the hero of the Donkey Kong Jr. game back in the day, where he had to save his father ... 5th June 2017 277
Family Guy - Living Room : This is Ruben's Family Guy stage. The stage is just the living room of the Griffin house. Nothing special. Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 13th June 2017 334
Hourai-Car : Well I happened to find this joke character one day after some searching around. Apparently it's Hourai from Touhou riding a cart with a bull. :smile: Well at least it's preserved here. 29th June 2017 65
Tough Reimu : This is ROCK Marisa's Tough Reimu. It's an edit of Nachel's Reimu from what I've heard. Enjoy! :grin::grin::grin::grin: 1st July 2017 58
Greninja (BETA 2) : This is the newer beta of Greninja made by CaillouStrawberry and thebestml201. It's a smaller file size than the original Greninja but has more than one language for it as well. Another difference seems to be the small portrait the character has. Anywa ... 2nd July 2017 587
Kanon School Hallway (old) : NOTE: Even though this is my stage release, it will say NICK54222 since that's my name on other sites. Basically NICK54222 and GreninjaCalem658 are the same person, but with different names on the site. Anyways, this is the Kanon School Hallway stage m ... 7th July 2017 31
Kyouko Sakura AI Patch : This is Koyu's AI Patch for Nyancha's Kyouko Sakura. This should make it able to be on par with other characters with strong AI if not defeat them. Enjoy! :grin::grin: 11th July 2017 45
Sakura Kyoko : Diamondswag12 has made an AI Patch for Nyancha's Sakura Kyoko recently. However, this patch is already implemented into the character. But to ensure it does not go away ever, I'll post it here so that other users can get it. Enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 23rd July 2017 546
Homura Akemi (AI Patch) : So there's an AI patch for Homura Akemi out there from Ouchi. So that's why I stepped in and did it myself. This AI Patch makes cycbeam's Homura much stronger. Enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: UPDATED 1/29/18 as I found out the creator's name some time bac ... 25th July 2017 220
Sceptile : The only Sceptile on this site prior to me posting it was the one edited by DarkLuigi. So despite some differences, this is the "standard" release of Sceptile from Jetgoshi/Dylanius9000. Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 25th July 2017 669
Stan : This is 1/8192's Stan Aileron. It has gameplay that is different from other versions but should be from the same game or play style of other characters from the same franchise as him (Tales of Destiny). He is a lot of MB but he is custom sprited... ... 28th July 2017 301
Wakimiko Voice Patch : This is Kohaku's voice patch for Nyoibou's Wakimiko, or Reimu Hakurei. This will allow Wakimiko to have a different sound than normal, or rather even a sound at all... Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 11th August 2017 59
N64 Hyrule Castle : Oh boy... S.Nara made this stage of the N64 Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time... For those of you who do not know who S.Nara is, he is well known for his crappy Super Smash Bros. characters. Basically they're just sprites ripped from Super Smash Bros. ... 4th August 2017 115
Mario Rainbow Castle : S.Nara is the creator of this Mario Rainbow Castle Stage from Mario Party. If you do not know who he is, let me tell about S.Nara. He is the creator of all those crappy characters that are sprite rips from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And they were all po ... 4th August 2017 90
WII Gateway Coliseum : S.Nara seems to have made a "CRAPPY" version of the Gateway Coliseum Stage from Pokemon Battle Revolution. It even doesn't use a Pokemon sound, but rather a sound from Mario Golf or Mario Tennis instead... Try it out for yourself...:no_clue: 6th August 2017 105
Grass Field Stage : It's just some sort of random grass field stage from S.Nara. I would test it out to see for yourself what it is... :no_clue: Also, if it is from a franchise, let me know. 6th August 2017 264
Waki Miko Reimu : I don't think anyone has posted the original version of this character on this website. For those of you who might have guessed, wakimiko is actually just a "normal sized" version of Reimu Hakurei. I say that in quotes since the commonly used sprites a ... 11th August 2017 289
Reisen Voice Patch (Shiroto) : This is choiyer's voice pack for Shiroto's Reisen Udongein Inaba. Not much but it makes the character a bit more "alive"... Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 14th August 2017 86
Sonic 2 Beta Hidden Palace Zone : This is the beta version of Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 2, which was never used at all. The song was later used as the multiplayer Mystic Cave Zone theme. Hard to believe this stage was never archived at all yet. Well It's good that I have done so no ... 21st August 2017 138
Jungle Zone : For some reason, this Jungle Zone stage was not available on this site, so I posted it here just because it needs to be here. Anyways, enjoy! :grin::grin::grin: 28th August 2017 72
Pikachu AI Patch : This is an AI Patch for the Pikachu created by Gladiacloud and Dylanius9000. Helps majorly with the low health disadvantage. Anyways, enjoy!:grin::grin::grin: 30th August 2017 224
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