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Article: Red Mugen Archive Screen Pack 1.0 & 1.1 Early Release By OldGamer 2nd March 2017 20:18
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Power of "NEO" (IKARUS Remix) : Remix of "Power of NEO" (Mettaton NEO's battle theme) made by IKARUS. The song is combined with fragments from "Heartbreak" (Heartache's remix), "Bonetrousle", "Battle Against A True Hero", "Spider dance", "ASGORE" and "CORE" + "Megalovania". Preview o ... 26th September 2016 28
Power of NEO (IKARUS, Battle ready) : Remix of "Power of NEO" (Mettaton NEO's battle theme) made by IKARUS. The song is combined with fragments from "Heartbreak" (Heartache's remix), "Bonetrousle", "Battle Against A True Hero", "Spider dance", "ASGORE" and "CORE" + "Megalovania". This vers ... 26th September 2016 37
Stronger than you (8bit cover) : The 8bit cover of "Stronger than you" created by Soreperior and widely known for being featured in "Sans Battle - Stronger Than You (Undertale Animation Parody)". This a music-only theme (no song featured). Enjoy it. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/wa ... 26th September 2016 104
Dark Darker Yet Darker (remix) : Remixed (and heavily extended) version of Gaster's theme from Undertale made by SharaX. The song features heavy beatings so you might want to lower your volume a bit :music: As always, here's the preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68wk6m05ojw ... 27th September 2016 81
Megalovania (Piano remix) : A Megalovania remix made in Synthesia by BGH Music (it is one of those super hard remixes). The remix changes the chorus a bit, but you will see it for yourself in the preview. Speaking of which... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4OK0f46b_I NOTE: I ... 27th September 2016 117
Transformers Classic Theme Orchestr : Amazing orchestral version of the 1st opening of the original Transformers... Not much more to say about this :laugh: Of course, here's the preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SQCZDMgfsU&index=47&list=FLe0JqvuMEmHuy_fEp5UOHbg Enjoy it :smile: ... 27th September 2016 32
Master Porky's theme : The boss theme for Porky in Mother 3. Long live the king... What was next? Ummm... Oh! The preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-C3T83mUpc&list=FLe0JqvuMEmHuy_fEp5UOHbg&index=54 Enjoy 27th September 2016 21
Grind (2014 version) : One of the tracks featured in "Sorcerer" now updated with modern instruments fitting more modern times but without erasing that 80s vibe the track is known for. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78DcF1SLMzo&index=2&list=FLe0JqvuMEmHuy_fEp5UOHbg ... 20th February 2017 39
ASGORE Intense Symphonic Metal : Metal cover of Undertale's theme "ASGORE". Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EX-4mz5WuY 20th February 2017 27
At the end of the spring : I'm here with yet another song for your Mugen. It's a remix from one of Touhou's themes. Anyways, here's the preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ian_mTIeu7A Hope you like it. 27th March 2017 11