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Space Highway : 20th March 2017 9
Obito : 19th May 2017 27
Hidan NZC : https://youtube/e7OpH9Emuu8 13th May 2017 75
Jiraiya Sennin : A - Combo 1 B - Combo 2 C - Combo 3 A or B In Air - Air Combo C In Air - Air Rasengan SPECIALS: D,DF,F,a - Rasengan(HOLD) D,DB,B,a - Katon Dai Endan D,DF,F,b - Senpo Kebari Senbon D,DB,B,b - Magen Gamarinsho D,DF,F,c - Senpo ... 4th April 2017 178
Gray : A - Low Hit B - Strong Hit C - Ice Make Lance S - Power Charge SPECIALS: D,DF,F,a - Ice Make Hammer D,DB,B,a - Ice Make Shield D,DF,F,b - Super Freeze Arrow D,DB,B,b - Ice Make Prisson D,DF,F,c - Ice Cannon D,DB,B,c - Ice Gei ... 4th April 2017 114
Tenrou Forest : 25th March 2017 31
Danzo Shimura : https://youtube/imFzSMaqsCs 4th April 2017 147
Masters Meeting : 25th March 2017 10
Samui : 20th March 2017 61
Hanzou : 20th March 2017 46
ZetsuNZC : 20th March 2017 171
Professor Zoom (Edit) : Edit of Erradicator's version. 20th March 2017 379
Super Vegito : https://youtube/9kIbQoXURaw 20th March 2017 70
The Lost City : 20th March 2017 19
SkyKyo : Really Funny Character, it is like a Plane Game :laugh: Has a score bar on the screen and bombs to use on your opponent. 20th March 2017 16
Nitro Royale : Nitro Royale lifebars by Kohaku ====================================================== These bars are from the fighting game Nitro Royale: Heroines duel by Nitroplus. Though the game itself was plagued with problems, the bars were nice enough to convinc ... 20th March 2017 58
Figare : Figare is similar to Pokemon,Moltres, but he is a shooting - like boss character. He uses much fire,and his attack is overpowered. He can use Omega Tom Hanks Killer too by burning around him. This character may beat the opponents easily! 20th March 2017 8
Scrap Brain Zone (Act 1 and Act 2) : 20th March 2017 24
Titi Stage : from Pro Evolution Soccer 3 20th March 2017 7
Zelda Temple : from Zelda 2 - The Adventure Of Link 20th March 2017 27
Super Punch Out!! : Super Punch Out!! High Resolution Screenpack. This is a complete remake of Melchior M. Philips's Super Punchout 20th March 2017 65
Gaea : Final Version of Gaea Armor: https://youtube/DRlev5H1mcg 20th March 2017 127
Ultra the hedgehog : A boss character. 20th March 2017 87
X-Fire : Movelist: (This Char Have Throw) a: Rpunch b: LClawAtk c: FlameBuster (a custom buster) x: Jump y: Dash z: NO Effect D,F,D,a: Full Power FlameBuster D,F,D,b: ThunderGod Atk D,F,D,c: The Eletric Throw (charged Maximum ATk In Comma ... 20th March 2017 111
Galuna Forest : 25th March 2017 24
Paul Phoenix 3D : Paul from tekken 2 in 3d 23rd March 2017 46
Kung Fu Barney : Originally Jay_High19's version, edited by Jermboy27. 23rd March 2017 8
Meta Toadman (old) : 23rd March 2017 11
Nothing : 23rd March 2017 7
Kurenai Yuhi : 23rd March 2017 146
Heavy Artillery Tank : Early beta phase. 23rd March 2017 80
Papulatus Clock : Papulatus Clock is very difficult and quite cheap despite only having two attacks as he has been given a very high defeance which makes nearly every type of attack do hardly any damage to him. On top of this, he carn't be grabbed, can not go off the groun ... 23rd March 2017 14
Valkyirie Randgris : The M.U.G.E.N. Power Of The Valkyrie Randgris. https://youtube/AftCKciEMrs 23rd March 2017 44
Gildarts Cave : 25th March 2017 19
Hades : Decent? Not really. But I guess it can be a collector's character 24th March 2017 47
Hammer And Sickle : Hammer and sickle are symbols that have generally been associated with communism. In MUGEN,this character constitutes one fighter having one sickle and hammer and both works independently and fights. It's a very strong and very wired character. 24th March 2017 43
National Flag : It's the character who gives various national flags, and fights. Its main body is a Japanese national flag, and world various national flags pay out various skill. It's very fragile, but it gives very strong attack quickly. 24th March 2017 44
Evil Barney (Evil Ken SpriteSwap) : Evil Barney is a spriteswap of Evil Ken So whoop his ass!!! 24th March 2017 34
Ren Hoek : Specials: Ren's Arrow (D, DF, F, x) Swing (F, F, a) Stimpy Bomb (D, DF, F, y) Supers: Happy Helmet Attack (D, DF, F, y+z) Smash Slappin' (D, DB, B, a+b) Ren's Ornery Face Of Disapproval Whilst Wearing Girl Scout Attire (D, DF, ... 24th March 2017 57
Stimpy V2.2 : Specials: Smash Head (D, DF, F, x or y) Wharf (D, DB, B, x or y) Assist Powdered Toast Man! (D, DF, F, x) Assist Sven Hoek (D, DF, F, a) Assist Yak (D, DF, F, b) Assist Ren Hoek (D, DF, F, c) Supers: Super Smash Headbutt (D ... 24th March 2017 55
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