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Giorno Resound V2 : sorry about the wait, couldn't post during the community weekend, but there's more sounds and stuff. i think this may be the final version, not too sure yet. 20th January 2020 171
MvC SA-X (Samus Edit) : An edit of chuchoryu's Samus with a new default palette, new sounds, and some sprite changes. The sounds featured are from the Fusion Samus by chuchoryu and Mother Brain by Endoedgar. Replaced sprites are from chuchoryu's Fusion Samus, and Endoedgar's S ... 15th December 2018 476
SA-X Edit (Sprites and sounds) : A very minor edit of the SA-X. I recolored the visor, removed the pupils (i mistakenly added them), changed the icon, made the eyes a different color for each palette, and changed the beam sprite. 28th December 2018 998
DIO (HFTF) : palette and sound edit, if i missed anything, please leave a comment, as i wasn't 100% sure i changed all the used sounds, but couldn't find any i missed when testing. thanks 27th January 2020 185
Jotaro (HFTF) : complete resound and palette edit of shadow mercer's jotaro, featuring voices from heritage for the future. 26th January 2020 189
Final DIO (Minor Sound Edit) : replaced the muda, taunt, and road roller "WRYY", along with other minor changes. 25th January 2020 41
DIO (Anime) : new palettes for both DIO and The World, new sounds, and A can be used for hypers. 25th January 2020 85
Death 13 (Mediocre Anime Voice) : a small update has been released. replaced the voices, and weapon sounds. added some unused audio clips for intros vs kakyoin and polnareff, because i'm nowhere near skilled enough to program them in. if anyone wants to add them, i would be happy to se ... 22nd January 2020 15
Death 13 Anime Voice (Small Update) : replaced all the damage sounds, the strong hit sounds are much more impactful, and the old one is used for lighter attacks. replaced the sounds for the mini scythes, they now have a sound similar to the weapon swinging. 23rd January 2020 79
Giorno Giovanna(1.0, Anime Resound) : V2 IS NOW OUT Replaced hit sounds, requiem transformation and music, along with various other sounds. QCF/QCB + A can be used for the hypers, and back + B for counters. QCF + B will preform requiem's super. (sidenote, i put some of the sounds used dire ... 17th January 2020 132
Final DIO (Minor Edit) : added some red eyes to the sprites with an obscured face, and changed a few sounds. 1st February 2020 220
Final DIO (Edit V2) : i was sent an edit by opera and made some minor changes. it also made me realize i could make improvements, so i did. changes include sounds, a change on opera's palette with a slightly more yellow the world, and slight stat buffs. x and y for the hypers. 2nd February 2020 58
Final DIO (Updated Edit) : changed a bunch of voices, sound effects, some hyper inputs, the default palette, and stats. 3rd February 2020 232
Jotaro (Sound Edit) : replaced a lot of sound effects and some voices, and made a very minor palette change. 5th February 2020 245