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    9th May 2020, 05:05
    Tanic2019 commented on file Dan Hibiki in SNK Pocket
    Very late to say, but this isn't an actual April Fools character/edit. The joke (?) is that Dan is intentionally buffed and can fight on his own...
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    Happy 18th!!!
    next year gonna do the same age as yours!!!
  2. Thank you! And good luck.
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    Nice Serena profile pic & welcome back!!!
    Anyways i'm currently studying a bit of MUGEN's programming documentation (WinMUGEN version of the docs).
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    I have the same stuff about school & real life stuff that keeps me busy too., i am currently working on reimi jahana from v.g. custom.
  5. @Jansen121: Sorry about the long hiatus, schoolwork and real-life stuff kept me busy. Not exactly a new character (though I may post something), but a new patch for most characters will be coming soon.
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    Nice to see you back, i hope you come up with new character releases (probably).
  7. @Jansen121: Sorry for the very late response, but thank you!
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    Happy Birthday/Feliz Cumpleaños!
  9. Uploaded a couple of unreleased characters today.

    Also here's a secret message:
    19-20-15-16 20-8-5 14-5-20 14-5-21-20-18-1-12-9-20-25
    9'13 19-15-18-18-25 9 16-15-19-20-5-4 9-20 12-1-20-5
  10. @Jansen121: Yuka is actually completed. I'll upload her later.
    Was dealing with some real life problems, that's the reason why I didn't upload her early.
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    How is your Yuka Takeuchi going up?
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    I actually ment to say
    "will you upload Paper Jam Luigi?" Someone named red sonic wanted this character so he asked me for a download for you to upload
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    Can you upload Your Paper Jam Luigi Red sonic just wanted a download :P
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    Okay i see but i don't mean your sonic vs mario because i download them and it is very epic , good sprites , color , code , etc. it is awesome then i don't mean this but you're old characters in modern sonic,tails,knuckles,shadow,amy. It is not in your full game don't worry.
  15. @MECHA CPU: Good. Yes, I do like Sonic. You mean the Sonic VS. Mario fullgame characters? Meh, I improved. Also you mean Metal Sonic instead of Shadow since I didn't make a Shadow character.
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Bulk : 19th August 2013 411
Ice Bird : 19th August 2013 880
Bomber Bird : 19th August 2013 804
Minion Pig (Small) : 19th August 2013 657
Red V2 : an updated version of my red bird for mugen. :smile: 27th August 2013 2,035
Chuck V2 : an updated version of chuck the yellow bird, on mugen. 30th August 2013 1,621
Matilda V2 : an updated version of matilda, the white bird on mugen. 30th August 2013 1,154
Hal V2 : an updated version of hal (not al), the boomerang bird on mugen. i'm not spamming.:unsure: 30th August 2013 1,086
Minion Pig (Medium) : Warning: he's too cheap!! :unsure: 31st August 2013 2,028
Team Nicktoons : When you start the round, you can choose three different players to make the team. All the characters use the same three button command involving a jump, their attack and a special attack unique to the character your playing as. When picking the teams, th ... 1st September 2013 837
Fake Crash : from Crash Bandicoot. 8th September 2013 331
Gumball Watterson : use gumballwatterson.def instead of gumball.def 12th September 2013 542
Mario : the super mario bros 2 version of mario is made for mugen by me. :grin: 26th September 2013 570
Luigi & Yoshi : Luigi from super mario world (SNES) and yoshi from super mario world 2 are released! 7th November 2013 610
Gumball Watterson Updated : *UPDATE* 03/01/2014: Added helpers, more hypers and special moves. 3rd January 2014 615
CDI Mario edit : Made by smeagol14 and edited by me. :smile: 3rd January 2014 496
Mega Man (8-bit) : here's a version of Mega Man with the weapons from the first game. :thumbup:. Along with Gumball hi-res and darwin hi-res from both The amazing world of gumball. :cool: Credit to marioandsonic07 for the euvoria builders. 6th February 2014 803
Yoshi : custom SMW2 Yoshi made by me. works on MUGEN 140401 and later. :thumbup: 19th March 2014 334
Fighting Yoshi : Here's the updated custom SMW2 Yoshi I made. Enjoy it! Works on Mugen 1.0 and (maybe) WinMugen for old Mugen users. :thumbup: 12th November 2014 341
Gohan SNES : Here's Gohan from DBZ: Super Butouden 3 made for MUGEN. Enjoy:thumbup: 29th November 2014 313
Red Yoshi DS : Here's Red Yoshi from Yoshi's Island DS made for MUGEN. Enjoy !! :thumbup: 29th November 2014 321
Goten UB22 : Here's Goten from Ultimate Battle 22 (PSone) made to MUGEN. Enjoy! :thumbup: (has a custom A.I.) 9th December 2014 662
Ashura the Glitch : This is Ashura (or Green Sonic) from the Sonic 2 glitch made by Tanicfan22. enjoy! :thumbup: 25th January 2015 267
Knuckles Advance : This is Knuckles from Sonic Advance (and Sonic Battle) made for MUGEN by me. Enjoy! :thumbup: 4th February 2015 655
Amy Rose Advance : This is Amy Rose from Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle made for MUGEN by me. Enjoy! :thumbup: 4th February 2015 449
Super Tails : New release!! Super Tails, from Sonic 3 & Knuckles made by me converted into MUGEN. Enjoy.:thumbup: 28th March 2015 368
Custom Luigi : A unreleased Mario character I made, sprites made by Luigi-Player. Enjoy!:thumbup: 9th April 2015 248
Small Fire Mario : Another unreleased Mario character I made in 2014, Enjoy.:thumbup: 12th April 2015 189
"Mario is Missing!" Mario : Here's a version of Mario (no, not Malleo) from the "Mario is Missing!" videogame made by me into MUGEN. enjoy! :thumbup: 12th April 2015 361
Sonic MVC2 *Beta State* : An unreleased (and a bit of unfinished:sdrop: but you can call it beta version, right?) Sonic character I made in 2014. Enjoy.:thumbup: 12th April 2015 702
Tails MVC2 *Alpha State* : An unreleased (and maybe 15-30% unfinished :sdrop: still you can call it alpha version) Sonic character I made. Enjoy! :thumbup: 12th April 2015 304
Tanic the fox : Here's myself (as a Sonic OC) created to MUGEN made by me. Enjoy:thumbup: 22nd April 2015 253
Mario MVC2 : Here's a unreleased Mario character I made in 2014. Enjoy! :thumbup: 25th April 2015 816
Yoshi MVC2 : Another MVC2-styled Mario character I made in 2014, enjoy! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: 25th April 2015 984
Koopa Troopa : Here's a edit of KoopaKingdom's Koopa character I made in 2014. Enjoy. :thumbup: 25th April 2015 396
Custom Mario : Here you go, a custom Mario I made today. Before saying anything, I made the aligned hitsparks and this also have the required hit-states sprites. Enjoy! :thumbup: 17th May 2015 496
PowerPoint stage : I made a Mario-themed stage in PowerPoint 2003. (At least PowerPoint is not useless on MUGEN stages!) Enjoy. :thumbup: 17th May 2015 50
Team Mario : Here's a download of Team Mario finally after some weeks/months/years! Enjoy. :thumbup: 25th May 2015 772
Old Pac-man(s) : Here's the old versions of Pacman which were made by Axel1825. Enjoy! :thumbup: 25th May 2015 179
Shingo Yabuki NGPC : Here's a KOF NGPC character made in 2014. Update is coming soon, enjoy! :thumbup: EDIT: Updated Shingo. 6th June 2015 159
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