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  2. Thanks for taking this suggestion SSonic! i hope she can be edited without any problem.
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  3. Hi SSonic, sorry for bother you, but i was wondering if is possible to edit this Morrigan like you did with your Gill edit? just to make her more MvC style and less CvS, just saying this as a suggestion of course, also thank you for the edits you had make, they certainly have improved chars that really needed an update.
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    Ok thanks
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    I understand. Maybe you could do an edit on Hulk 2099. He has quite a number of flaws. Think you could do him?
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    Your doing a great job on those Marvel edits . Do you take suggestions?
  7. Hey person who is viewing my profile
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The Flash : An edit of Sic 1's Flash by MDS Geist. This gives him his new 52 appearance and his voice from Injustice. 25th September 2016 1,519
Thor Odinson : An edit of Loganir and Black Dragon's Thor by MDS_Geist. I think it combines both the AvX and the classic versions. He also has some new pals too, such as his Marvel Now! appearance. 16th October 2016 945
Spider-Man : The non AvX version of Zvitor's Spider-Man edited with his MvC3 voice and has new palettes. 16th October 2016 796
Captain America : Buckus' Captain America edited with new shield sounds and with new palettes. 16th October 2016 676
Joker TAS : An update of Joker TAS from a while back. I didn't see him in the DC section so I added him here. 29th October 2016 1,187
Loki (Updated) : Loki, the God of Mischief and one of the two sons of Odin has made his way into Mugen. - - Updated - - Some previous issues have been addressed. 27th December 2016 465
Felix Faust 2.0 : Felix Faust updated by Bradern. A huge improvement over the first one 29th December 2016 501
Star Sapphire : 3rd January 2017 1,530
Martian Manhunter (updated) : Recently updated by efrencortes. 6th January 2017 1,485
Hawkgirl : Finally a Hawkgirl for Mugen. 9th January 2017 487
Strider Hiryu (custom) : A really well made Strider in the MvC style that was almost completely lost, so I uploaded him here to prevent that. One of the best Strider's imo. 22nd April 2017 342
Dr Manhattan : No longer just a pal swap of Urien now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loqaYzRBqOk 5th May 2017 314
Captain America MVC2 : Updated MvC2 Captain America by Darkwolf a few months back. 11th May 2017 216
Spider-Man MVC2 : REDHOT finally released his Spider-Man to the public. For the vs collection. What was edited?: - Hitdef, anims, and some codes in all standing, crouching and air punches and kicks (to an original MvC2 gameplay as faithfull as possible) - Hitdef, an ... 14th May 2017 3,067
War Machine : Logansam finally released his War Machine to the public! 31st May 2017 1,250
Watchmen Stage : A stage I found at MMV, so I uploaded it here. -stage has zoom -Moderate superjump -Rain effects -Thunder effects 2nd June 2017 33
AmalgamX : An amalgam stage that I found at MMV. -Stage has zoom -Moderate superjump -Rain effects -Thunder effects -Animated BG characters -Deltas 2nd June 2017 33
Lizard : A more proper Lizard for Mugen now. 5th June 2017 275
Infinite Dee Jay : I saw the old version but not the updated one, so I uploaded it here. 12th June 2017 102
Dr. Manhattan : Updated Dr. Manhattan from a while back. Gives him a voice and replaces the Raging Demon hyper for a new one. 17th June 2017 472
Venom_SW : An almost completely lost update of MMV's Venom. 20th June 2017 344
Professor X edited : Just a little edit I made to make Professor X more balanced since he really needed it. -Got rid of the xmen hyper, although it was cool all the hits didn't connect properly and even when they did they would put the opponent in a glitched state. -Remov ... 23rd June 2017 245
Sonic The Hedgehog MvC : An edit I did to Claymizer's Sonic. He wasn't all that great too me so I edited him a bit so he could feel better. -Removed infinites that would involve his heavy punch. -Air combos are much easier to pull off. -Tweaked the Dark Sonic hyper command( ... 24th June 2017 169
Lasher edited : An edit I did to Lasher to make his gameplay better. -Heavy punch and kick have more pushback. -He can now do air combos properly. -Light and medium crouching kicks can otg. -Tendril Strike light is now an otg. -Ultimate Whiplash can otg. -Damage ... 24th June 2017 480
Shocker edited : An edit I did to Shocker to make him play better and no longer be broken. -Removed ALL infinites(no more of that easy infinite with the double shock blast). -Damage and chip values tweaked. -Ground Pound is now an otg. -The Earthquake hyper is now a ... 24th June 2017 753
Moon Knight edited : An edit I did to Moon Knight to make his gameplay better and balance him. He really needed it. -Standing basics connect properly now. -Removed ALL infinites (crescent dart, light punch, etc) -Crescent dart hyper is now a level 2. -Crouching heavy ki ... 24th June 2017 635
Carnage edited : An edit I did of MMV's Carnage cause he needed it pretty badly. -Removed ALL infinites. -All basics now have push on them. -He can now do air combos. -Ground Claw is now an otg. -Blade Frenzy is now an otg. -Maximum Carnage is now an otg. I als ... 25th June 2017 1,171
Black Panther edited : Started this edit from scratch, since I got better at tweaking codes and realized I can fix most of his problems now. -Can combo more properly. -Air combos are slightly easier to do. -Panther Slash knocks down the opponent and is less safe. -Panther ... 26th June 2017 1,654
GreenGoblin edited : I edited Norman Osborn to balance him and improve his gameplay. -All infinites removed. -Pumpkin bomb's now knock down the opponent and have less block stun. -Heavy attacks have more push and are less safe on block(specifically heavy and crouching pu ... 26th June 2017 813
Batman edited : Bout time I did a DC character. As always, I edited him to fix his gameplay and to balance him. -Removed the smoke bombs and the bat bolas cause he had way too many moves that would stun and combining these would create infinites. Also he felt a little ... 27th June 2017 913
Scorpion Marvel edit : A small edit of Scorpion to make his gameplay better. -Can now do air combos -Lethal Tie hyper is now an otg. -Sting and Whipping Tail can otg. -VenomScorp is now a level 3, thus having it's damage adjusted. -Crouching basics connect better. Als ... 29th June 2017 1,471
KoldSpider-Man : KoldSkool's Spider-Man edited for a more MvC custom styled gameplay. 29th June 2017 121
Batzarro edited : Since I did Batman, I decided to also edit Batzarro. This edit is to make him more balanced. -Reduced his mobility(He's now a slower, but stronger Batman). -Damage values tweaked. -Basics connect better. -Bat bolas are now blockable and are less saf ... 30th June 2017 298
Luke Cage edited : A very minor edit I did to Luke Cage. You know that bullet proof hyper that made him broken? Well it's a level 3 now, which means he isn't broken. 2nd July 2017 823
Abomination edited : An edit I did to Abomination to make him balanced and play better. -Basics connect properly. -Removed infinites. -Earthquake can otg. -Air combos are slightly easier to do. 2nd July 2017 628
Human Torch edited : I edited Human Torch to make his gameplay better and to balance him. -Damage and chip values tweaked. -Infinites removed. -Removed flame punch cause it was honestly a useless move. -Flame trap can otg. -Reduced the block stun on the fire ball. 4th July 2017 492
Doctor Strange edited : An edit I did to make Strange better and balanced. -Chip and some damage values were tweaked. -Standing and crouching basics connect properly. -Crouching heavy kick can now otg. -Mystic sword and Munipoor's Maze can be cancelled into Mystic Maelstro ... 5th July 2017 1,555
Carnage edited : An edit I did to Seth Zankuten's Carnage to make his gameplay better. -He can combo properly now. -Removed infinites. -Crimson Slaughter is a level 2 now. -Normals no longer do chip. 7th July 2017 455
Spider-Man 2099 edited : An edit I did to balance Miguel O' Hara. -All infinites should be removed(I'll update if I happened to missed some). -Air heavy punch and kick can no longer be teched before the opponent hits the ground. -Chip values tweaked. -- Been a while I ... 7th July 2017 1,352
Venom edited : An edit I did to make Venom more balanced and clean up his gameplay. -Tweaked juggle values on Tendril grab, air heavy kick, and Venom Frenzy. -Air heavy punch can't be teched. -Air heavy kick can't be teched. -Damage and chip values tweaked. -Inf ... 9th July 2017 923
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